Remember, Today is International Grover Appreciation Day

Have you appreciated the best of all possible Muppets yet today? If not, here you go:

Now go forth! And spread the gospel of Grover.

49 Comments on “Remember, Today is International Grover Appreciation Day”

  1. What does it say about me that I’m forty-mumble years old and some of my favorite entertainers are made out of foam, fur, and cloth and are brought to life with a hand up their … um, never mind.

    Anyway, Muppets and Madeline Kahn FTW.

  2. Grover is fine, but for my money the Yip-yips are where it’s at.
    And don’t even get me started on Two Headed Monster.

  3. You did not ever just suggest that Beaker is inferior to Grover.

    I love Grover, but you FAIL, sir.

  4. I have The Monster at the End of This Book in original large format hard cover AND the iPad app. My children have been properly indoctrinated. Err, I mean educated. Or something.

  5. Perhaps we should all just agree that muppets, like children, are all beautiful and fabulous in the eyes of those that love them, and that comparisons between them are in poor taste.

    (Except for Zoe. I appreciate the attempt to balance out the genders a bit, but seriously what’s up with her?).

  6. I can honestly say yes. We just got our first iPad and iPhone. the first thing we downloaded was Grover in “The Monster at the End of This Book”. So, today will be an appreciation of Grover keeping the younger kids busy while I shampoo our carpets in preparation to move.

  7. Grover rulz. Especially according to my 2-year-old, who is obsessed with “The Monster at the End of the Book”. Though not, alas, on an iPad. Just the good ol’ dead tree version.

  8. As far as muppet skits go, I’m partial to the “mah nah ma na. Na NAAAH nah na na” one. Don’t know which muppet was in it.

    Grover is pretty cool though.

  9. My kids were shocked to see pictures of Elton John recently, as up til now they’ve only seen him on the Muppet episode from the seventies. They, too, have been properly indoctrinated.

  10. I am either honored to share my Birthday with Grover or jealous that he is stealing my thunder. I have not decided which yet.

  11. By total coincidence, today I’m wearing a t-shirt that says “The Muppets Band” and has Animal’s face on it. If you squint, he looks like bit like Grover with Neil Gaiman’s hair.

  12. There’s an app of “The Monster at the End of This Book”? No one told me this. Now I know. Thanks for the tip.

    My daughter once threw her stuffed Grover into the Pacific Ocean. Luckily he did launder up very nicely. Super Grover is my favorite too. Much less spazzy than Elmo.

  13. That was great.
    For a little bit I was afraid she was going to break into “A Sweet Mystery of Life.”

  14. Remember that although Grover is in fact the Best of All Possible Muppets, this does not imply that your favorite Muppet is anything less than awesome.

  15. In advertising, saying “Made with the best ingredients” is OK, but saying “Made with better ingredients” is not OK. Why?

    If you’re pizza is made with the best ingredients, you’re not saying anything about what the competition’s pizza is made out of. They might be made with the best ingredients too.

    If you say your pizza is made with *better* ingredients, you are saying your pizza is made with ingredients that are better than anyone else, and that generally gets the lawyers of “anyone else” calling your lawyers.

    So, in that respect, I loudly proclaim that Animal is the best Muppet. Buy my lawyer advises me against saying which muppet is better.

  16. One of my favourite Toastmasters speeches, that I gave, was on the many jobs of Grover. I am on my own third career change and hope one day to be as confident as Grover no matter what job I am doing.

    Muppets for the win!

  17. I never knew Grover had an appreciation day! He was always my favorite character. I loved SuperGrover and the Fly in my Soup skits.Three cheers for Grover!

  18. Actually, I always liked the little silver Muppet that popped out of the guy’s chest with the little sharp teeth…oh, that was in “Alien”? It grew up and did terrible things to nice people? Would have turned Grover into a blue cloud of thread?

    Never mind?

  19. Greg @21, The later version of “Mahna Mahna” is officially performed by Mahna Mahna and the Snowths. I don’t think the more human-looking Muppets in the earlier version have names.

  20. What about the puppeteer, his face up against Madeline Kahn’s posterior, leaning Grover’s head against Madeline’s love bosom… I’ll bet it took a ZILLION TAKES to get that right!

  21. @Annalee — Beaker forever; but let us not forget the immortal genius of Dr. Bunsen Honeydew…

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