Daily Archives: February 16, 2011

Borders, Bankruptcy and Writers

E-mails coming in today from people wondering how the Borders bankruptcy will affect writers in general and me in particular, with some others wondering if royalties for the books they buy at Borders will get to the authors who wrote them, and whether they should continue shopping at Borders at all. Well. First, CE Petit […]

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Daisy’s Day Gets Better

Because one of the neighbor dogs wandered over to play with her. They ran around the yard for a good half hour, being goofballs. And yes, as you can see, the yard is now visible; it’s 54 degrees outside and the snow is in retreat. Good riddance. While I was taking photos the dogs were […]

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Science Fiction and “Science Fantasy”

Over at Filmcritic.com this week, I talk about that thing people do when they say that some science fiction films should really be called “science fantasy,” because they’re more like fantasy films in space than “actual” science fiction. Yeah, I have an opinion on that. Go and check it out, and yell at me about […]

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This Morning’s Exciting Adventure!

Hey, Daisy! How did your encounter with that skunk go this morning? That well, huh. And in fact we’ve had a very exciting skunk-based morning here at the Scalzi Compound, including a vinegar-and-baking-soda bath for the dog (and me, since I was the one applying it), the opening of windows to near-freezing air in order […]

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