Daisy’s Day Gets Better

Because one of the neighbor dogs wandered over to play with her. They ran around the yard for a good half hour, being goofballs. And yes, as you can see, the yard is now visible; it’s 54 degrees outside and the snow is in retreat. Good riddance.

While I was taking photos the dogs were moving fast enough that the “rolling shutter” phenomenon of digital cameras came into play. You can see a little of it in the picture above by looking at the neighbor dog’s front left paw, but here’s a photo in which it’s really pronounced:

I think that’s kind of a cool look, personally.

In any event, Daisy’s bounced back from her morning. It’s a reminder of something we sometimes forget: When you’re having a bad day, friends help.

22 Comments on “Daisy’s Day Gets Better”

  1. Yay, Daisy bounce back! By the way, your camera clearly caught the actually appearance of the neighbor “dog”. Clearly it is actually a trans-dimensional morph-being. But, at least it is friendly.

  2. @Chris oh, I don’t know–I bet Daisy stays away from skunks from now on. Dogs and cats have a long memory for unpleasant experiences. Better than people, I think.

  3. “Hey, {insert neighbor dog’s name}. You wanna see the weird cat thing I met this morning? It’s over that way. C’mon!”

  4. I love Daisy’s expression in the second photo. it’s like she’s trying to avoid the edge of the event horizon that’s clearly sucked in the neighbor dog’s face.

  5. @Bleys you’d think so, wouldn’t you? Some dogs might, but I’ve met more than a few who just don’t learn. Casey-dog got herself skunked twice in a week, we think by the same skunk. And that was about six months after she’d gotten skunked the first time.

    Yay for Daisy’s improving day!

  6. #6: Shame on you. Tsk tsk!

    #9: I was wondering that myself…

    #11: When I try to view that link you posted of Rosie the Wonder Dog, I get an error message stating that “this page is private, you don’t have permission to view it”.

    John: I’m glad Daisy’s having a better day! As far as the snow goes, it’s amazing that a couple of weeks ago it was Snowpocalypse territory, and now it’s almost gone. I remember living in Chicago sometimes the snow wouldn’t thaw out completely (like your yard, large patches of green intermixed with smaller patches of white) until May or so. Nice to know that it’s mid-Feb and you’re already seeing green.


  7. @Bleys I wouldn’t count on that. Our neighbor’s dog has been treated like a pin cushion 5 or 6 times now after sticking her nose into porcupine occupied holes and she still doesn’t quite get that that’s a bad idea. :)

  8. Those are pretty much the funnest pictures I can imagine today, a dreary rainy day here in Yamaguchi prefecture. Yay happy dogs!

  9. In that second picture, it looks like Daisy is making sure her friend doesn’t have any white stripes.

  10. Hey, 5 or 6 more skunk incidents, and she’ll likely learn to leave them alone. Dogs are smart, but the barking at and investigating of small animals is pretty hardwired.

    On the other hand, as an addendum,
    When you need a friend to improve a bad day, Labs work wonders.

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