I Am Running For SFWA President (Again)

Yes, as noted in passing earlier this month, I am running for a second one-year term as the president of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America. Those of you who are members of SFWA can read my full presidential candidacy letter and platform in the SFWA forums. For everyone else the short version is that my plan is to complete the things we have already in process (incorporation of the organization as a 501(c)(3) in California, other very not sexy but necessary internal stuff) plus try to do more to make SFWA inviting to new members and even more useful to existing members. I will also finish construction of the SFWA VOLCANO-POWERED LASER which we will use to VAPORIZE ERRANT PUBLISHERS WHO DARE TO DEFY US. But that one’s really more of a side quest, if you know what I mean.

More seriously, in this term as SFWA president I think we’ve done some good work, and I as president (and SFWA as an organization) have been blessed with a board of directors who are smart, engaged and able to work together for the benefit of the organization and its members, and fantastic volunteers who have stepped up to make everything happen. Being president has been a lot of work, but thanks to the board and our volunteers, it’s also been an extraordinarily good experience. I’m ready to take on another year, if the SFWA membership will have me.

Update: And, hey, look! Mary Robinette Kowal is running for SFWA Vice-President once more, as well.

Update 2: And now Cat Valente is running for the position of Eastern Regional Director.

34 Comments on “I Am Running For SFWA President (Again)”

  1. The past year has been sorely lacking in toxic SFWA public relations scandals. Where’s the entertainment in that?

  2. Glad to see you fixed “I….has been blessed”. I saw that and thought “Wait, he *is* a published author, right? He does that for a living?”

    Anyway, I agree with MattMarovich. Couldn’t have said it better myself.

  3. No major embarrassments during your tenure, which is always a good sign.

    I don’t get to vote for you (I think — only an associate member), but I think you’ve done well.

  4. This is how it starts: you start running again for “just one more term,” and next thing you know, you’re Supreme Ruler In Perpetuity — albeit a benign one, providing bacon and Coke Zero for all.

    Seriously, while I am not a member, you’d totally have my vote if I did. :)

  5. Man, laser-based vaporization of bad publishers, free Coke Zero, the platform grows and grows. Of course you have to figure out how to get a space shuttle to launch over the DC Nebulas weekend, otherwise all your goodwill will be forgotten.

  6. One of my writing goals is to qualify for SFWA membership so I can vote for you. Thanks for moving the goalposts.

    I don’t suppose you could convince the board to accept technical journal articles as qualifying publications? I have three published already, and they paid well over the minimum five cents per word. If you could, I mean… um, oh, my. That certainly is a BIG volcano powered laser. It’s so shiny. And big. And pointed this way…

    Um, where was I? Oh, yes. Good luck with the election.

  7. More and more promises, he’s in danger of becoming a politician. Sure you want to incorporate in California, or should I ask “Why in California?’

  8. It seems like you ran the first time just a couple of months ago! (A search of Whatever shows you took office in July). Could this be the first step towards that Cozerocitc Megalomania I warned you about?

  9. Yeah, but that was in Florida. So much easier. You might have to trade, what, two? three? pandas for such a thing. Them’s steep rates.

  10. Are you running on an Anti-Skunk platform or do you plan to win back the Skunk Science Fiction Writers of America (S)SFWA voting bloc?

  11. Man, I got a long ways to go before I meet the qualifications needed to be able to vote for you. Sorry.I keep working at it, but it just ain’t happening right now.

    I’d totally vote for you though if I could

    Have fun storming the castle.

  12. As the person who did the 501(c)(3) filings for both San Francisco Science Fiction Conventions, Inc. (1993 and 2002 Worldcons) and the Association for Recognition of Excellence in Science Fiction & Fantasy Translation (the SF & F Translation Awards), and also did the non-profit incorporation for the latter, I empathize with the non-sexy-but-crucial things necessary to keep an organization in good running order. Most people’s eyes glaze over at this stuff, but it makes it possible for the other members to get on with whatever the stated goals of the organization are, and that’s a Good Thing.

    If anyone thinks that his/her personal income tax papers are too complex, I suggest looking at the IRS Form 1023 (application for tax-exempt status) SFSFC and ARESFFT. The form itself is around ten pages long before all of the (many) required attachments.

  13. I see what’s happening here. The first term was all, “I’m going to great things for our members.” But then you got a taste of the power and you don’t want to let it go. Just tell me, John, how long before you amend the constitution and “elect” yourself el presidente for life?

    And you’re not fooling anyone with that volcano-powered laser. It’s not for publishers who defy you… it’s for ANYONE who disobeys “El Scalzi”.

  14. Just curious, who got the bid to build the volcano-powered laser? Haliburton?

    I look forward to Worldcon in Chicago when, shortly into your third term as Presidente, thousands of SF writers crowd into Grant Park to demand your ouster. Or maybe just a few dozen in the hotel bar.

  15. I honestly tried to get a membership, but I can’t. So in the spirit of our cyber-world, I vote for you and your current VP to get re-elected by a landslide. Much love . . .

  16. John: I think with your illustation, you have misrepresented your true platform. A CAT Flag? Come on Buddy, Raise the bacon flag…and showing you at the ship’s helm, dressed like Lenin…I figured you would go with Little Napoleon or at least Pic of you in your startrek uniform.

  17. It would be more intriguing if your mother campaigned for your arch rival, dredging up embarrassing photos and/or teenage stabs at erotic fiction, to repay a long-forgotten childhood blunder. Her campaign is devastating and relentless, leaving you destitute and friendless, save for your faithful time-traveling cat. All seems lost. But in the third act, you and your kitty travel back in time to right the wrong. You return to the present, greeted by a landslide victory and a doting mother.

    Wait. Perhaps that is what happened…

  18. Al @ #24 – You don’t see the bacon under the cat? Bacon-Cat is a much stronger image than mere bacon or cats alone.

  19. Yes now I see the bacon. I guess i was hoping for a slab rather than a slice. After all you can NEVER have TOO much bacon.

  20. I am not a member, but can I contribute to the laser project?

    And then, as a contributor, might I suggest targets?

  21. Since I’m not a member (yet), I can’t vote. But if I could, I’d vote for you. Good luck! :-)

  22. Oooh, I vote for Cat! Well I’d vote if I could vote, but still, yay Cat! You, though, weren’t you supposed to have the volcano laser up and running by Christmas?

  23. Bahhhhh, who cares! Since you guys decide to “play nice” and “keep things civil” it’s a fairly boring process. I want some great attack ads, like:
    “If John Scalzi is re-elected, the SFWA will have to spend three months out of the year writing ‘Twilight’ fan-fic.”
    “If Opponent X is elected, all SFWA meetings will have Night Ranger cover bands for entertainment, and the beverage of choice will be Pepsi-Max.”

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