Away From Internets

Wife and child are off bonding; I’m spending the day working on a novel. See you later.

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  1. bfilmfan – Clearwater, Florida – Windows Infrastructure Architect consulting with Fortune 100 firms for over 20 years. Interested in low budget cinema, landscape photography and Fortean topics.
    Jerry A Taylor

    The real question is what are the cats doing?

  2. The story goes that Alfred Hitchcock phoned Georges Simenon one morning, only to be told by the author’s secretary that he could not be disturbed, as he had just started working on a new novel. “That’s all right,” Hitchcock said, “I’ll wait.”

  3. Have a great writing session! always wonderful to be able to dive in completely, isn’t it?

  4. ‘Working on a novel’, okay, we’ll accept that as a valid excuse.

    Finally reading ‘The Last Colony’, I had skipped that one in the series (not paying attention) and read ‘Zoe’s Tale first. Now I’m playing catch-up. Plus I’m occasionally skipping back to ZT to get differing viewpoints on the story.

    It would be cool to read a combination/merger of the two, with planned cross-cutting between them. Hint, hint!

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