Your Mind, It is Blown

Just when you thought Sunday couldn’t get weird.

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  1. I liked it, especially the part where he pulled out the piece of paper and read the lyrics. You really have to give them props for doing it. Wonder if they’ll do a Beyonce-style music video? -)

  2. It’s almost rodeo time in Beyonce’s hometown, so this seems like a particularly appropriate way to kick off the festivities.

  3. This is a very clever group. After watching several clips I could become a follower. I do think Beyonce has more sex appeal, but these guys are truly good and funny. They are an American original. I like Bluegrass but not Country and these guys fit the bill. They aren’t just good they are great.

  4. Oh, Carrie V @12. That is the gateway drug to paradise! I also like his Oops, I did it again. But his proper Weimar Republic (’20s and’30s) stuff is just lovely as well.

    The man’s in serious danger if he ever comes to Melbourne. Just saying.

  5. Richard Thompson also does an excellent version of Oops, I did it again — that song takes on a whole new meaning when sung by an angry, bitter old man.

  6. Wow, where DO you find these things?
    I’m with critter42 – this is actually a bit better than the original. I guess a catchy tune is a catchy tune no mater what it’s played on. I have to say I giggled through the bridge when he read from the piece of paper. This took courage and talent to pull off. They have it in spades.

    See, America? You don’t have to be skinny and female to pull this off!

  7. Craig @22: It’s too bad Hyundai had to run Pomplamoose into the ground during the holidays…

  8. I love the Cleverlys. Seconding the recommendation for “Walk Like an Egyptian”, and also props to their medley of “In the Pines” and “Ain’t No Sunshine When She’s Gone.”

    I assume everyone’s heard this one already, right?

  9. I think they played at the Ohio county fair last summer. Just after the bullriding, and just before the tractor pull. i.e. they were background music while the clowns were running around picking up bullshit.

  10. At first, I thought they were just covering The Pigs version – sounds very similar. I found it amusing, a few weeks ago, that I searched for Single Ladies on iTunes and The Pig’s version came up before the Beyonce one.

    There used to be a similar bluegrass band in Australia, called Sensitive New Age Cowpersons. Their motto was “there’s no song that can’t be improved by playing it Bluegrass style”.

  11. This video inspired me to search for a 1990s-era bluegrass cover of Nine Inch Nail’s “Closer.” Unfortunately, I found this lounge version instead. So, so, so wrong.

  12. This is so *not* the weirdest thing I’ve seen today. It barely gets a rise out of my *meh* meter.

  13. Okay, the lounge lizard version of “Closer” was funny, but The Muppets stole the show – especially Animal. When you get to the end of “Bohemian Rhapsody”, it offers up about four more Muppet covers that are also fun.

  14. Will #40: And likely have! Sadly though, Spontaneous Combustion has disbanded. I do miss my fix of MoTown bluegrass.

  15. After watching this video yesterday, I finally went to YouTube and watched the original version. The Cleverlys did a much better version of the song than Beyonce. And Kanye West thought that was the best video of all time? What the bloody hell was he smoking?

  16. evil, evil, evil. I listened to the whole darn thing on Sunday and all of the sudden the darn song has popped into my head for no reason this morning and I can’t seem to get rid of it.

  17. From a lurker and first time commenter. Thank you for all the shares of music; I now adore Max Raabe and the Palast Orchestra and had so much fun listening to things I never would have heard of in my daily life.

    I love the internets, whee!

  18. I was going to bemoan the fact that my favorite Texas Lightning cover wasn’t on YouTube, but I see that’s no longer the case! So… allow me to present the best cover of a Michael Jackson song by a German country band with an Australian female lead singer:

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