Daily Archives: February 23, 2011

Hey, Ever Wondered If There Would Ever Be an Old Man’s War Movie?

Well, then, you might want to read this. Also, yes, I’ll talk about it more in just a minute. Give me a second to update. Update: And here we go: 1. Yes, and obviously, I knew this was coming. For those of you who wonder whether or not I always blog about everything that happens […]

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The Big Idea: Sophie Littlefield

It is a renaissance time for zombie-related literature, which has its good and bad points. The good points include the fact that it make it easier for an author to sell a book with zombies in it. The bad news is that it makes is harder to make your book featuring the shambling undead stand […]

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I Am Number Four Falls Down

I Am Number Four was the general consensus pick to win the box office during its opening holiday weekend — and it ended up in third place. How did that happen and what does it mean? I break it down for you in this week’s Filmcritic.com column. Check it out and as always if you […]

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