Can’t Update; Cat Blocking Keyboard Access

As you can see.

Be back when/if cat moves.

17 Comments on “Can’t Update; Cat Blocking Keyboard Access”

  1. Oh dear, looks like the cat is blocking your Coke Zero too. ZOMG!?! How are you ever going to survive?

  2. I’d guess that the cat has just seen Something That Cannot Now Be Unseen. Maybe someone was summoning Baconthulhu, on this Day of Bacon?

  3. Ha. That is a favorite excuse around our house. Does the dishwasher need unloading? Can’t do it, I have a cat. Phone ringing? I have a cat. Honey, could you get me a glass of water? I have a cat. Ice please? And a little lemon. Fresh lemon, please, not the bottled stuff. But, look how happy he is, he’s purring. Thanks, Hon.

  4. And yet you managed to post a picture and a few sentences to make this update. Clearly you’re not wholly unable to entertain the internets. I think you just don’t love us like you used to!

  5. Yep, my house has the “cat on lap” rule as well. It supersedes everything. As it should.

    Louise Curtis

  6. Well, at least your cat doesn’t claim your favorite pillow Yet. Maybe the cat is thinking,”he’s got a movie deal and Can’t afford to feed me albacore/lobster?” (congrats on the movie deal, by the way.)

  7. O Great Scalzi, how nice to see Mighty Lopsided Cat after such a long unwarranted absence.

    How unnice to see that beshorted leg. Please wear pants.

    What shall we do to wipe the horrifying leg memory away? Ah, we see that you have posted a picture of Magnificent She. That will do it.

    The Official Ghlaghghee Fan Club

  8. Our cat rule had to be expanded once we had the child, who then became the cat: “Sorry, can’t help you. I’ve got the cat.” “Which one?”

  9. That cat is extremely offended at the very suggestion that you might want to reach past him to get at the keyboard. Your hands are not for keyboards. Your hands are for scratches.

  10. Nah, you just caught the kitty looking at some internet catnip porn. How many times have you asked, “What are you doing?” and heard a quiet, “I’m not doing nothin’…”

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