Same Problem, Different Cat

Still cat-blocked. They’re insidious!

18 Comments on “Same Problem, Different Cat”

  1. Is that a can of Fancy Feast I see to the left on your desk? No wonder the kitties won’t let you get anything done!

  2. My three year-old daughter just looked at this picture and the previous one and then said that she wanted to see more pictures of cats. I looked through the list of the last 100 posts and discovered that there has been a shortage of cat pictures recently. This was most disappointing to her.

  3. If you can’t update, how are you telling us about the cats?

    ZOMG, they’ve learned to type. Everyone panic!

  4. O Great Scalzi, how wonderful it is to see the Beauteous Ghlaghghee.

    Except for another glimpse of your beshorted leg (or are those your big boy pants?) this picture is actually fairly decent.

    In order to have taken a better image you would have had to disturb Her Repose – and intelligently for a change, you realized this was not the thing to do.

    Given the circumstances we forgive the defects of the picture.

    The Official Ghlaghghee Fan Club

  5. A.J.: Just go to and search for “Caturday”, then click the number to the right of the headline…there you will encounter many pictures of cats. Most of which have been captioned to make the cats seem silly, which will probably amuse your three-year-old and annoy chang, who is not chang.

  6. I note the contents of your desk – one-a-day vitamins, one of those pop-top air fresheners you see in the back of custom spray painted vans, two gel hand sanitizers, coke zero and what I assume is a small bottle of Axe body spray. I can only assume you are writing your next Big Screen Thriller: Old Man’s Desk.

  7. When did you get the tattoo on your calf? (I’m not buying “JPEG compression artifact” as an explanation. :-)

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