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Krissy and I sat down with a calendar today and blocked out the dates and places I will traveling on and to, and, well, damn. Between now and the end of the year, thanks to tours, conventions, appearances and speaking engagements, I am on the road for a non-trivial portion of every month of the year save December (this included January and February). On one hand, this is a good thing, since I will get to see folks and not default to my base state, which is “stay in my office and moulder.” On the other hand, it’s a lot of travel. On the third hand, I’m not going to have to pay for most of it, so at least that’s good. On the fourth hand, I should probably be planting trees to offset all the carbon I’ll be flagrantly spewing about. On the fifth hand, wow, I have a lot of hands all of a sudden.

Just for fun, here are the cities I know I’ll be visiting this year (also counting the ones I have already been to):

Los Angeles
New Orleans
Salt Lake City
San Diego
San Francisco
Washington DC

I’ll also be visiting Dayton, Columbus and Cincinnati, but those are all day trips for me. There are also a couple of cities that I’m not putting in there because my travel to them is not yet confirmed, but they’re likely.

As I said: It’s a lot. And it’ll be fun. But it’s a lot.

By John Scalzi

I enjoy pie.

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Dates and times for all this coming later, as soon as every appearance is confirmed and locked.

Also, in advance, the answer to “Are you coming to [Insert Town Not Mentioned Above]?” is “probably not this year,” and the answer to “Why aren’t you coming to [Insert Town Not Mentioned Here]?” is “Because no one is springing for me to go there and I’d like to see my family occasionally in any event. Maybe next year.”

In the unlikely event that you are going to be in New Orleans without firm plans on where to dine, please feel free to send me an email. I’m a food writer based in the Crescent City, and I will happily direct you to a restaurant based on your tastes and preferences.

Unless your preference is for human flesh, in which case I would defer to someone else.

I think you’re not actually wasting carbon. You are saving your thousands of fans in various cities from having to make pilgrimages to places where they might actually attend one of your events. Better for you to move around than the rest of us.

While I agree with #9 Andy, I also encourage you to consider Native Energy for your carbon offset needs. I use them for all my event clients and am very satisfied with the variety of projects they fund.
Also, I may just have to buy a membership to Minicon since I’ll already be in town to visit the family for Passover. If you thought I was a little excitable at Cap, wait utill you see me after I’ve had a couple kosher for Passover sodas (made with real sugar, not corn syrup)!

Guys/gals/gentlebeings… Remember, our movie mogul in training has a new book out this year. I’m betting at least some of those dates are that quaint and relaxing journey known as the book tour.

Looking forward to seeing you in Toronto. I caught your reading at the Merrill Collection and it was fantastic. It will be even better to actually see you at a convention, and hopefully have enough spare cash to pick up and book and get it signed.

Just be careful when your travel plans sync up with Mary’s she has terrible travel karma… or you could just carry around a camera and capture moments like missing underwear and electrocuted flight attendants. The latter is to only be considered if you carry the bad luck emergency kit including parachute, duct tape, bailing twine and pantyhose. (hint: the pantyhose are for Mary not you.)

Lemme guess: Powell’s books for a signing in Portland, OR?? If yes, let us know when! Actually, let us know when anyway, so we can stalk you. :) It’s also rumored that Wil Wheaton has ties to Portland and visits here not infrequently. You know, in case you want to stalk him.

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