Daily Archives: February 28, 2011

Out of It

I’ve been asked why I haven’t been writing exhaustively on Libya/Middle East/Wisconsin/Washington Budget Battles/Enter Topic Here over the last couple of weeks. The answer is pretty simple: I’m trying to finish a novel, so I have to decide whether I’m going to devote processing cycles to thinking deeply about the artificial world I’m creating in […]

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Deven at 40

My friend Deven Desai turns 40 today. As he was the young’n in our little group of friends, that means we are all officially middle-aged bastards. I hope he’s proud of himself. To celebrate his and our advancing decrepitude, I’ll play some Pink Floyd. Not “Time,” because that’s just a bit on the nose, isn’t […]

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What Happens When All The Snow Melts At Once

Yesterday the temperatures went up 30 degrees in one day and we had a pretty gnarly thunderstorm, and the all the snow which covered our yard — and the rest of the landscape — melted in several hours. And now we have this: A small lake where my yard, the road, and the agricultural field […]

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Quick Oscar Wrapup

Well, once again I got five out of six in the Oscar’s big categories, but where I usually fall down in the Supporting Actress category, this year I whiffed on the Director category, as The King’s Speech’s Tom Hooper bested David Fincher. I think this is somewhat outrageous, but hey, it’s not like I get […]

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