Deven at 40

My friend Deven Desai turns 40 today. As he was the young’n in our little group of friends, that means we are all officially middle-aged bastards. I hope he’s proud of himself.

To celebrate his and our advancing decrepitude, I’ll play some Pink Floyd. Not “Time,” because that’s just a bit on the nose, isn’t it. Rather, enjoy “Fearless,” a lovely track from Meddle, the album before Dark Side of the Moon. I think the sentiment of the song better suits Deven and the rest of us than the Dark Side mopery in any event.

Happy birthday, Deven.

By John Scalzi

I enjoy pie.

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D-e-v-e-n-D-e-s-a-i spells HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

Personally I don’t think Meddle is the best Pink Floyd album overall, but half of it, Echoes, is their best track ever, the epitome of Floyd. But I am guessing our host picked Meddle at least in part because it too turns 40 this year.

Another track that could be appropriate is Remember A Day by Rick Wright: “Remember a day before today/A day when you were young/Free to play alone with time/Evening never came”

See Dave Gilmour perform it live on Jools Holland… Rick Wright was booked to be on that show with Gilmour, promoting a new Live album he also played on, but had had to pull out due to illness and in fact died just over a week before the show, so instead Gilmour played this in tribute.

Floyd has been in the news in the UK in the last day or two, with some of Syd Barrett’s teenage love letters being part of a forthcoming exhibition of his life and art.

If I had to pick a favorite Floyd album…. Prolly DSotM. But I gotta say, all of the works before the Wall really shine (heh). In particular I really enjoy Atom Heart Mother and listen to it all the time on my commutes.

Primus did a cover of Animals that was very true to the original and still an excellent remake.

The first thing that I thought when I saw the picture was “hey, that’s John on the right of the picture. It must have been a while ago, because he had a LOT of hair back then!”

It took me a few moments to realize my mistake.

That song brings back some memories. Thanks for posting that John. I loved Pink Floyd in high school way back in the late 80’s. I have to agree with those above about Animals. That was my favorite album.
The chanting is “You’ll never Walk Alone”. I first figured it out when I would go to sleep listening to this album every night with the headphones on, way back when.
It’s what Liverpool fans sing at the beginning of every match. But I didn’t know that until about a year or two ago when I started paying attention to English Football (soccer, sorry).

Cool! I play “Fearless” on the acoustic at least once every couple of weeks. Excellent track.
Oh, and if we’re voting, best album goes to Wish You Were Here. It’s the best mix of their particular style AND strong songs — and it features the late great Rick Wright in his finest hour.

“You’ve gotta get an album out, we’re so happy we can hardly count”

Long time reader, first time poster.

Had to chime in as I am a fairly large Roger Waters fanboi. Also had to chime in that I experienced the single most disappointing event in my life last December 18th in the lovely city of Tacoma, WA. I had showed up at the Tacoma Dome with my 12 year old son (his first concert!) to witness what I believed to be one of the last opportunities to ever see the Wall, or, more specifically, The Wall, performed by Roger and his band.

The show was actually scheduled for December 11th.

The show was actually performed on December 11th.

Being 40ish sucks.

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