The Two Sides of Athena

Take your pick:

A little bit country:

A little bit rock and roll:

I kind of like them both, myself.

26 Comments on “The Two Sides of Athena”

  1. She has many more sides than that.
    Celebrate them all while you can. As pretty as she is, you’re going to be sharing her with boys pretty soon.

  2. Very cool! Miriam would approve.

    Moving from Florida to New Mexico, Miriam (10 years old) really misses water flowing, open to the sky.

  3. Now I have an endless stream of “Rubber Duckie” singing in my head. All in all, it could be a worse song.

  4. I know you had a sudden thaw, but the end of February seems awfully early in the season for the Sunglassed Rubber Ducks (Anatidae pergamentum solisvas) to be migrating north. I hope you took them into your home, safely away from the cats, at least until the spring arrives for real.

  5. I love this in my niece. Great memories of walking on the beach at San Diego. One moment she is very grown up and talking seriously with her mom and me – the next she yells “birds!” and heads off at a dead run toward a flock of gulls. It was fantastic. She was twelve at the time. In three months she graduates from college with a 3.8 GPA. And yet there are moments when she is walking with us, very grown up and serious; and the next she is off and running at something that has caught her eye. I hope that she never changes.

  6. Those are both good pictures, but I prefer the rubber duckies. Just personal preference. :-D
    Let’s hope Ohio drains before it becomes the next Atlantis.

  7. I’m still processing the fact that you made a Donny and Marie reference.

    Cute kid, though. :)

  8. Wait until you get to the little bit hormonal teen stage and you’ll see many more sides.

  9. Side A looks like she’s about to go into the rubber duck breeding business. “Ayup, should be a fine croppa ducks with all this rain we been gettin’.”

    Side B definitely needs a Jonathan Coulton soundtrack.

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