The Two Sides of Athena

Take your pick:

A little bit country:

A little bit rock and roll:

I kind of like them both, myself.

By John Scalzi

I enjoy pie.

26 replies on “The Two Sides of Athena”

I know you had a sudden thaw, but the end of February seems awfully early in the season for the Sunglassed Rubber Ducks (Anatidae pergamentum solisvas) to be migrating north. I hope you took them into your home, safely away from the cats, at least until the spring arrives for real.

I love this in my niece. Great memories of walking on the beach at San Diego. One moment she is very grown up and talking seriously with her mom and me – the next she yells “birds!” and heads off at a dead run toward a flock of gulls. It was fantastic. She was twelve at the time. In three months she graduates from college with a 3.8 GPA. And yet there are moments when she is walking with us, very grown up and serious; and the next she is off and running at something that has caught her eye. I hope that she never changes.

Side A looks like she’s about to go into the rubber duck breeding business. “Ayup, should be a fine croppa ducks with all this rain we been gettin’.”

Side B definitely needs a Jonathan Coulton soundtrack.

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