What Happens When All The Snow Melts At Once

Yesterday the temperatures went up 30 degrees in one day and we had a pretty gnarly thunderstorm, and the all the snow which covered our yard — and the rest of the landscape — melted in several hours. And now we have this: A small lake where my yard, the road, and the agricultural field across the road used to be. The water on the road is only about an inch or so deep at the moment, but it’s still not anything you want to be driving in. The water will probably recede later in the day, but for the moment it’s a bit of a mess.

Here’s a view of the side yard, and of what I like to call the Scalzi River. It’s the path of water that runs through the low part of our yard during heavy rainfall and snow melt, on its way to the that “lake” you saw above. The lake itself drains into Harris Creek, which eventually carries it away (now you know why I’m confident the waters will recede) but it takes a little bit of time. The Scalzi River is itself fed from our neighbor’s pond, a real one rather than an accidental one, which clearly is over capacity as well. Like the lake, the Scalzi River will probably be here for a bit today.

We’re fine, this happens a couple of times a year, and the house is on a hill anyway. If we have any flooding in the house then it means most of Western Ohio is underwater, and we have bigger problems than water in our basement. But it certainly makes for impressive pictures.

15 Comments on “What Happens When All The Snow Melts At Once”

  1. We’re definitely worried about spring flooding here in Minnesota, too, especially in the flat-bottomed Red River valley in the northwest of the state.

  2. If the Scalzi River is fed by a real, overflowing pond, there’s a fair chance that when it recedes there will be a few sad, beached sunfish. Daisy, I recommend giving them a week or so to “ferment” before you roll on them.

  3. Impressive.

    Our snow also all melted this weekend, and we’ve had a lot of rain (and may be getting another inch today). The low point of our back yard is a marsh, but it should dry out this week. Luckily, our house is also near the top of a small rise, so we haven’t had any house flooding.

  4. That storm you had must be what came through here last night. There was about 30 minutes of creepy thunder that rolled on forever. Each clap took about a minute or so to fully dissipate (a minute seems like a lot longer when listening to thunder rumbles)

  5. So congrats on the new water feature. I am sure there are worse things that could be of interest for February.

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