Daily Archives: March 3, 2011

The Big Idea: M.J. Putney

You’ve heard of the concept of the Big Idea, as it involves books (I mean, honestly, right?). But in describing the construction of her debut YA novel Dark Mirror, author M.J. Putney introduces a new concept to the lexicon: Fairly Sizable Ideas. What are they? Do they involve Napoleon in some way? And what do […]

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DDoS Blues

Just got a note from the WordPress VIP folks that WordPress.com is suffering through a distributed denial of service attack, which is making sites hard to access, both on the front and back ends — and I’ve definitely noticed things being slow on the back end. So if for some reason Whatever is hard to […]

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Penelope: A Poem

While I’m off writing on the novel today (a Big Idea piece is coming later in the day, incidentally), here’s something for you to consider: I’ve unearthed a poem that I wrote when I was, I think, 23. It was on a previous iteration of the site, so now is a good a time as […]

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