It’s Dogs! And They’re Running!

Daisy and the neighbor dog, playing. For those of you who could use a mid-day dog break.

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By John Scalzi

I enjoy pie.

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Happy dogs! Two of our three dogs will play like this (third dog is a bit skittish and likes to stay inside near Mama). Funny thing is, The Boy (Skamp) is 35 lbs while The Girl (Sasha) is 95 lbs. She could easily just hold him down and sit on him (which she does on occasion) but usually, she’s the one that rolls on her back when playing.

Thanks. I had a long day and I hurt from stem to stern, but watching those dogs play in such a care free way rejuvenated me, at least a little bit.
I’m glad Daisy has a doggy friend so close by.

Watching two dogs play like that is just so refreshing. The way they pause for a second then resume. Magic. Thanks!

Catherine Shaffer #15: Hey, you’re right. Big dog will chase the boy a couple times around the yard but The Boy goes into hover dog mode and really flies. Big Dog is smart enough to head him off, wait behind things and such to ambush him and then yeah, do the roll over thing. Very funny stuff.

And this is why if someone ever put a gun to my head and made me choose, it’d always be dogs over cats.

Well, except that my grumpy old cat taught my eager young Lilydog how to play chasy. “Now, I’ll run away from you … now, you run and I’ll chase … and reverse … ” and so on.

Still, Dogs FTW.

Your dogs are very cute. They look like they are really enjoying life.
Thanks for sharing!

Hmmm, you sound just a wee bit defensive about Daisy’s ‘build’ there, John. Mastiffs can be heavier than they should be too. Just sayin’.

Perfect Sound Track for this clip discovered by accident!

Get the doggies cued up and ready to roll. Open up a second tab with Stevie Ray’s “In The Crossfire” and let ‘er rip.
Now start the doggies (with about a five or six second delay.)

I suspect a bit of editing could make these match perfectly, but even this rough sync is good fun.

Hey, it worked for me.

Our dog zonked on painkillers, wearing the Cone of Shame, back from vet hospital after surgery.

I feel that some locations which I use in my novels should comp me a meal or pitcher of beer or something. I’m thinking of my chapter “Shootout at Burger Continental” — which is actually an Armenia/Continental place frequented by Caltech faculty and students with discounts.Not to be confused with In ‘n’ Out Burgers, to which Mr. Scalzi had to go cold turkey after Loscon.

That’s in my draft novel “Alzheimer’s War” which I started on 29 Nov 2010, thinking it a short story. It is now 483 pp (124,350 words) and I am wrestling with the Stross Criteria for endings.

That worked for the 3 previous novels that I completed in 2010. My day job, teaching 7th and 8th grade algebra to anarchistic Latinos, cuts into my writing severely. And I’m over due on cutting 31,000 words down to 5,000 for the special Roger Penrose/Stuart Hameroff issue about Consciousness in the journal Cosmology.

Which explains why I’ve only been lurking the past few months…

I liked that part around second 23-24 when they both stopped and looked over in the same direction, then looked back at each other and started playing again. Must not have been that important.

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