Super Saturated Saturday

Genuinely amazing amount of rain last night flooding our yard and road again. But if you’re 12 years old, it’s clearly not all bad.

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  1. One of the joys of being a kid is being a kid. I have a memories of riding a bike through flood waters because it was fun. She looks like she is having fun.

  2. A serious thunderstorm woke me up, here in Houston, around dawn this morning. Things are greener now, but the sky’s still gray. Bleagh.

  3. When did you get a colorizing camera? Nothing in Ohio is as colorful as that first picture. Not at this time of year. The second photo looks more realistic.

  4. Down here in Florida, we call that waterfronts and it adds up to $20,000 to the value of your home. Always look on the bright side of life. :D

  5. Twelve years old, rain gear, tall rain boots and a flooded yard. What’s not to like?

    (PS, I was just like Athena when I grew up on the farm. Only I had a pony to play with, too. Where’s Athena’s pony? She needs a naughty little Shetland to create/urmKEEP her out of trouble. Nothing like wandering around the flooded yard with dog and pony who decides the dog is a calf that needs to be herded)

  6. Surprised you don’t still get snow this time of year! Is that a little odd for early March?

  7. Wow – that’s a LOT of rain. Looks like you guys are really at the mercy of the elements where you are. Nothing you can do but embrace it, I suppose. Hope you’re not cut off and can still get out onto the roads!

  8. Athena looks like she’s having fun. Luckily the dog didn’t want to follow her out there or there’d be one muddy mess in your house.

    One of my fonder memories of childhood was when the court we lived on (Chicago ‘burbs) flooded about a foot or two because of some problems with sewer drainage. We got some old tire tubes out and floated around. Probably not good for disease control but it was fun. ;-)

  9. 1. Athena does need a pony. You can tape a whole pig to a pony.
    2. I am glad to see you are not one of those helicopter parents who keeps their child wrapped in bubble wrap, thus missing the fun of playing in you temporary shoreline. It will make her a more relaxed adult.

  10. A gazillion years ago, on vacation in a tiny village in upstate New York, my brothers and I endured 6 days of rain and ended up swimming and then bathing in the flooded front yard. Those pictures bring back memories!

  11. Somehow, when you get all grown-up and have to slog thru the same monsoons with luggage on your way to the airport…it’s not so much fun any more.

    Sign me- waiting in Atlanta to see if they delay my flight because it is pouring at the moment.

  12. Comparing this to the earlier rain picture post, it looks like you’ve upgraded from bright yellow rubber duckies to bright yellow rubber daughter. Looks like fun, especially with a mug of something hot afterwards.

  13. Of course, you’ll have to have SCUBA gear to drive the Mini through that.

  14. John had great big waterproof boots on
    John had a great big waterproof hat
    John had a great big waterproof macintosh
    And that, said John, is that

    s/John/John’s daughter/

    Classic literature never goes out of date.

  15. So can you not get out and about when everything is flooded like that? I mean.. you’re stuck, right? That’s crazy!
    Bet Athena is having a blast.

  16. Now that you’re a big wheel in the movie industry, I see you’ve gone out and bought some lakefront property.

  17. Castle Scalzi has a mightily-impressive moat, there. I do hope you’re planning on making it permanent, and raising fish in it — it would be the Ecological thing to do.

  18. You are getting very good at that photography stuff.

    Athena needs a phony to help with the yard work. A phony would keep the yard both cut and fertilized at the same time.

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