Another One

New novel?


Like, just this second.

When will you get to read it?

Sometime in 2012, I would guess.

So now you have a reason to live. Through 2012, anyway.

What’s it about?

Fate. And destiny. And free will.

And lasers! And explosions! And space ships!

Man, it’s got everything.

Just you wait.

In Which I Blather About “The Name of the Wind”

As part of’s appreciation of the top ten books in their Best SF/F of the Decade poll, I was asked to write something about Patrick Rothfuss’ The Name of the Wind. As it happens, I have a very good Name of the Wind story, and I tell it over there. Go on and go over and see what it is.

Want a hint? Okay: It involves stew.

Mmmmm… hearty stew.

Pat is tired of me telling this story, I’m sure. But I’m not! Bwa ha ha ha hah ha!