Fuzzy Nation US Book Tour Dates

Look! I have book tour dates!

May 10 (Tues), 7:00 PM – Dayton, OH
Books & Co
The Greene in Beavercreek
Dayton, OH 45429

May 11 (Wed), 7:00 PM – Cincinnati, OH
Joseph Beth
2692 Madison Road
Cincinnati, OH 45208

May 12 (Thurs), 7:00 PM – Columbus, OH
Ohio State Barnes & Noble
1598 North High Street
Columbus, OH 43201

May 13 (Fri), 7:00 PM – Lexington, KY
Joseph Beth
161 Lexington Green Circle
Lexington, KY 40503

May 14 (Sat), 3:00 PM – Los Angeles, CA
Barnes & Noble
10850 West Pico Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90064

May 15 (Sun), 5 PM – San Francisco, CA
Borderlands Books
866 Valencia Street
San Francisco, CA 94110

May 16 (Mon), 7 PM – Portland, OR
Powell’s Books at Cedar Hills Crossing
3415 SW Cedar Hills Blvd.
Beaverton, OR 97005

May 17 (Tues), 7:30 PM – Seattle, WA
University of Washington Campus, Kane Hall, Room 110
Ticketed event – tickets are free with purchase of Fuzzy Nation from the University Bookstore; otherwise tickets are $5 each. Books and tickets available at Bookstore beginning March May 10.

May 18 (Wed), 6 PM  – Salt Lake City, UT
Sam Weller’s Bookstore
254 South Main Street
Salt Lake City, UT 84101

May 28 (Sat), 5 PM — Scottsdale, AZ
The Poisoned Pen
4014 North Goldwater Blvd # 101
Scottsdale, AZ 85251

And now, notes!

* Folks in Washington DC area: I will be in your area from May 19 through the 22nd, because I will be attending the Nebula Awards Weekend, at which, as the title suggests, SFWA will be giving away this year’s Nebula Awards. On the 20th, we’ve organized a group signing featuring some of the biggest names in science fiction, which will be open to the public. I will be participating. More details to come (remember also that you can buy a ticket for the Nebula Weekend itself, even if you are not a SFWA member).

* Folks in San Diego: I will be in San Diego in the first full week in July to teach at Clarion, and at that time will likely schedule a public reading/signing. More details on that when that’s arranged.

* Folks in Seattle: Sorry about the whole ticket thing. Out of my hands. BUT — I’ll tell you what, Seattle. Because you have to shell out $5 and/or the cost of Fuzzy Nation to see me on this tour, I AM BRINGING YOU A SPECIAL TREAT. That only Seattle will have. No, I won’t tell you yet what it is. But it will be so totally worth it. That’s a promise.

* Folks in Dayton: Just so you know, May 10 is the release date of the book and my birthday. So come to the Dayton event, and maybe there will be cake! MAYBE. Also, what do I want for my birthday? You at my release day birthday event, of course. Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese?

* Folks in Los Angeles: Please note that your event is an afternoon event. COME ANYWAY.

* Folks everywhere else in the US: Yes, I agree it sucks that I am not coming to your town. No, I can’t add your city to the tour. I mean, look, I’m out on tour for two weeks straight and then after that I also have other commitments (which I may or may not be able to reveal in the near future) will also further bounce me around the US. And besides that, I’m not the one who schedules my tour. But I suspect I will have other tours, and will one day come to where you are. And in fact may even come to your house. And lurk in your bushes. You probably didn’t want to know that last part.

What will I do doing on the book tour? The basic plan is to do a little reading — probably of something new that no one has heard before — do a little Q&A and do a lot of book signing. Also, interpretive dance, some heartfelt acoustic rock stylings, and a tattoo raffle (disclaimer: not every event will feature all three of these, or even any of them. I may be lying. I am probably lying. I will read and answer questions and sign books, however). What I am saying is that I’ll be going out of my way to make sure any event of mine you go to will be the most fun you can have in a bookstore without the security video going up on YouTube. And almost certainly less sticky.

So: Dayton, Cincinnati, Columbus, Lexington, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Portland, Seattle and Salt Lake City: See you soon!

92 Comments on “Fuzzy Nation US Book Tour Dates”

  1. I think cake should be a condition of you agreeing to show up at Books &Co. Just sayin’. If we can give you a scalzi of Coke Zero when it’s NOT your birthday, they can sure as hell pony up a cake.

  2. You’ll be in Salt Lake City right before my anniversary. I wonder what my wife would think if I told her that I want to get Fuzzy Nation and go to the signing as an anniversary present….

  3. In your February 27th post “Travelin’ Man” you mentioned that you had been or would be in Austin. I figured that it would be part of the book tour, but I’m wrong. Have you already been in Austin this year? Or will you be in Austin later this year?

  4. No Chicago? Poop. I know you were just here last month and all. I guess I’ll have to wait till next time. Hopefully, I can hold out.

  5. w00t! Looking forward to it, ticket and all. You’re pretty tightly packed but you need to swing by Archie McPhee’s while you’re in Seattle. It’s the local bacon mecca (if that’s not too contradictory and/or sacreligious).

  6. Lexington? Eww, everyone knows Lexington sucks. Louisville is a much better city. These rivalries are important, and my cities damn bookstores have chosen the wrong side by not bringing you here.

  7. It’s for things like these that I totally miss living in Seattle.

    Except for the part where we totally have better weather. During part of the year. Like maybe two months.

  8. Oh well, at least Toronto got to hear you premiere the first couple of chapters last year.

  9. The city made me take out all of my bushes. Except the berberis, for some reason. But no one in his right mind would lurk in those. You’ll have to let me know what your preferred lurking medium is before you come back to the KC area next time, and I’ll see what I can do to accommodate.

  10. Le sigh. To celebrate your birthday in Dayton by seeing you, or to celebrate my birthday in Dayton by seeing the Hamvention. It’d be just too exciting to be able to do all of them at once. I guarantee I’d die happy. Or at least exhausted.

  11. Good coverage on this tour – too bad I have to go back to school in May. I will have an extra piece of pie (NOT CAKE) on the 10th, just for you and your new book!

  12. Hmm. I want to see the Seattle event… Kane 110 is NOT small. But hey, $5 for ARCs of the new book … er, whoops, that’s how rumors start. Isn’t it?

  13. Awesome. I knew working at UW would come in handy eventually. For what it’s worth, the UW Bookstore took my pre-order for FN today, even though it’s not yet the 10th.

  14. Yup, once again, no love for New York. I’m, once again, forced to accept that I live in a little podunk backwater.


  15. Damn. I don’t know where I’ll be in May. I current AM in Seattle, home of the ticketed event that is getting that sekrit thing that Scalzi promised, but I might have to move. (I honestly don’t know yet–depends on where husband gets a job or if we can stay in the area.)

  16. People of Seattle, beware! He may be planning to bring a big fish to toss around. He may even be planning to put the fish in a flight suit. In other words: IT’S A TRAP!

  17. Woohoo! It’s about time a first-class author decided that we read books in Salt Lake. Also, we now have In-N-Out for your dining pleasure.

    I look forward to seeing you sign my copy of Fuzzy Nation.

  18. Nathan @ #30, if you think you live in a podunk backwater, try Honolulu. We never get author book tours. I imagine the authors would love to come, too. It’s those penny-pinching publishers who keep them away.

  19. While in Seattle, you could get a burger from Dicks’ Drive In, a local favorite. I’ll put them up against In-n-Out any day..

  20. I am excited that the U Bookstore clearly anticipates a large crowd, since they’re holding this event in Kane Hall 110 – which is a very large auditorium! Looking forward to your Seattle visit!

  21. When I lived in Salt Lake I used to love going to Sam Weller’s…it’s a great bookstore. Don’t live there now, but I do live in Seattle. Hmm…five bucks. I don’t get it: did you kick Duane in the knees last time you were here?

  22. What Linkmeister said. We get only a couple of significant writer conferences yearly, and it’s really potluck on the people who can attend. Anything else is purely by chance, and the reading public would quickly go broke if we tried to pay for every writer we’d like to see out here, even if it was just offering a trip to HI in exchange for a few hours of speaking with fans.

  23. Hmmmm. I am a New Englander now. I think the closest your coming to us is DC which is possibly doable but only if the government doesn’t cut budgets and create mass catastrophe known as lay-offs.
    So, in hopes of maybe getting what will be one of the (I’m sure) “greatest newest and bestest reboots ever” books signed I have one question in mind.
    If there will be dancing, will there be stilettos worn?…just checking… :)

  24. Any idea when you will be at Jay and Mary’s Book Center in Troy? If not can I get a signed copy there? I prefer to shop locally.

  25. I am psyched to hear you’ll be in San Francisco! I recently had the pleasure of meeting Patrick Rothfuss and Gail Carriger there, and now I get to go to a John Scalzi signing as well? WIN.

    I wonder how many books I’ll be allowed to get signed without going through the line again. I already own 7 of them..

  26. rick@39: No, I say it in the spirit of friendly mock-mockery as someone well acquainted with your piscatorial shenanigans. I just don’t believe any of the fish currently or previously airborne wear space gear or hold military rank.

  27. What about Europe? Any chance of seeing you in the future around here?
    You’ll love Spanish food, I promise ;)

  28. I don’t think that’s actually interpretive dance he’d be doing if he tried lurking in my pericanthus bushes. But it might resemble it.

  29. Lexington gets a date, but not Atlanta? Hmmm. I’ve probably never been sorrier that Mark Stevens’ store went out of business. **He** would have gotten Scalzi for us. (His store is where I met Anne McCaffrey. )

    All this burger talk makes me think: Given how central the burger restaurant on Phoenix Station was to the plot of OMW, this tour needs an “Offical Burger of Whatever.com Contest” feature….

  30. Let’s see, Cincinnati, Dayton, Columbus…Oh fine, you hate Cleveland. We got over Lebron, we’ll deal with this snub.

  31. Great authors never come here. Well, one did, Patterson, he is one cool dude. But no King, and now now Scalzi. What do you guys have against North Carolina??

  32. I appreciate the challenges that you would having adding dates.

    I have only these little observations to make: 1. Atlanta is bigger than Lexington, so if only one southern city was scheduled perhaps Lexington wasn’t the best choice (Not hating on Lexington here! Only making an observation.); 2. Altanta hosts DragonCon every year, and so has a proven base of folks who are into and willing to travel for the experience of meeting authors of neat stuff. 3. Since I’ve lived here, Stephen King, Richard Patterson, Anne Rice (when people still cared), Caitlin Kiernan, F. Paul Wilson, etc etc etc have had very successful and well-attended signings in the metro ATL. Lots of books sold at those, I’m guessing….

    I’m just sayin’.

  33. What is it with you and Rothfuss not going further south than Lexington, KY? Is there some sort of Southern fear in you Northern folk. :)

  34. I know you can’t add dates, and even the locations are not under your control, but in the future, if you ever can add Minneapolis, please do so.

    There’s a wonderful bookstore here devoted to SF & Fantasy. Its one of the larger in the US, if not the largest, and has a great selection. It’s where I bought your books. So hey, visit us in the frozen north if you can one day, and hunt down this bookstore. (I won’t mention the name, since I’m not going to appear as spam, but a quick google search for SF and Minneapolis should turn it up.)

  35. It seems kind of odd to re-use the Stephen King blurb from The Last Colony. It bugged the hell out of a friend of mine, he saw it as a weird, random shot at King rather than praise of your writing skill. Out of curiosity, do you ever choose or suggest any of the blurbs?

  36. Awesome. Digging the Cincinnati date. It was at that Joseph Beth’s that Old Man’s War was recommended to me.

  37. Hey John, the address for the Columbus Barnes & Noble is 1598 N. High – somebody transposed the numbers on you. Though if you’d rather do your book signing on the street corner between La Bamba Mexican restaurant and a Fifth Third Bank branch, that’s OK too – it’s still on campus after all.

    Looking forward to seeing you in town.

  38. No Osaka? Aww, man…. You’re going to be on the west coast as it is, what’s another 12 hours on an airplane? Huh? Huh? C’mon, I’ll treat you to all-you-can-eat yakiniku.

  39. Woo hoo, that B&N in LA is just down the street…there’s a fabulous movie theater in that part of the mall (it bridges across the street, the B&N and the Theater are all alone on that block) the food court is yum…there’s a little place called East Wind, Korean stuff and the Mom makes all the sides.

    Let me know if you need anything while you are here, I’m about 2 miles up Pico from the mall :)


  40. Damn it; you’ll be in LA, I’m supposed to be in NC for a wedding. I’d rather see you in person than drive across the country. Oh well.

  41. Well darn, no Dallas appearance. Figured you might come down this way, since our local rag (the Dallas Morning News) provided that snappy blurb for the cover.

    Or better yet, arrange one in the north Dallas suburb of Plano sometime. Julie Barrett and I are both up in that neck of the woods, so it’s obviously the source of the higher quality Scalzi fans in the area ;)

  42. Well, it sucks that the NJ/NY stop for your tour seems to be MISSING.

    What the hell is your publisher thinking?

  43. After dancing around my office like a sugar-crazed child, I write to say, hurray, Scalzi in Seattle! And also, to offer my dog for hugs, if you’re missing Daisy at that time. In addition, if a person was to bake cupcakes for you and your entourage, what would be a good flavor?

  44. I know where I’ll be at 7pm on 10 May! Should I wait and buy a book there? Or would one recommend preordering through the Books & Co?

  45. You’ll be in SF the day of the Bay to Breakers mass run/walk/shuffle across the city. You should have time to do the run and get back to the Mission in time for the signing.

  46. I’m another reader who’s glad to see the PDX date. That particular Powell’s Books (A book store with a union, by the way) is a great place for a reading/signing. It is ever so slightly in the burbs so there is plenty of free parking and absolutely no Morlocks after dark!

  47. Have to say, it was quite entertaining to see the look on the poor bookstore employee’s face last night as I stood in the UW bookstore, demanding my Scalzi tickets. “But the website said!!!!” I came home, saw the edited date when tickets will be available, and sent a small timid apology to the poor kid. *sigh* guess I’ll have to wait two whole months to get my Scalzi fix.

  48. Ninety minutes away, and you’re going to be there on the one day a week I work. *pout*

  49. Too bad you don’t get to stay in KY over the weekend. WonderFest is in Louisville that weekend, and we’d love to see you there. But, alas, you’ll be in LA the next day.

  50. Don’t you think you would like to come out to the East Crust? You can stomp around your old stompin’ grounds and appear in a nice bookstore in DC. Even here on the uncivilized coast, we still enjoy a good Scalzi tome when we can get them (the passenger pigeons get so slow, it takes a while).

  51. *lashes self with wet noodles* Obviously, my reading skills are not up to par. I’ll look forward to seeing you at the Nebula Awards signing.

  52. May 20th sounds like a zoo but I’ll do my best to make it. Couldn’t be worse than an average trip on the DC Metro.

  53. Since you are going to be in Los Angeles on May 15 you might consider going to the JPL open house in the morning in Pasadena.

  54. Sorry it didn’t work out for you to come to SF in SF – we and your reps tried! We’ll look forward to seeing you at Borderlands thought – I’ll put the event out in my SF in SF newsletter as well, should be a great event!!

  55. Bought my ticket yesterday for Seattle event and pre-ordered FN. UW will mail ticket and book to me on May 10. Bookstore said Kane Hall can hold 700 people. Authors previously booked at this hall averaged 300-400 people at their events. Hopefully the power of the internets will bring a “standing room only” crowd on May 17.

  56. I’d love to have dinner or lunch with you while you’re in Portland if you have time.

  57. I was in Dayton tonight, and there *was* cake! No Lie! Krissy brought a birthday cake, *AND* cupcakes for everybody! John tweeted w/a picture of cupcake-laden table. It was a lovely evening, we sang Happy Birthday to John, and were all sworn to secrecy before he read a piece from the new writing. I feel like I joined a special, not-so-secret society. And I got to sit next to Krissy & her Mom, and chat while waiting for the signing to begin. I am one lucky person, yes I am.

  58. It was great in Dayton,my wife & I had a wonderful time with cupcakes & all. John,you were great & you are right you have an awesome wife!!! Your Mother-in-law ain’t bad as well. I will try to get the pictures up as quickly as I can. Thanks.

  59. Oh no! Your Seattle date is the same night as the Syttende Mai parade! This is a really tough call.

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