Today Kind Of Needs a Cat Pic, Doesn’t It

Because, seriously. Not a good day for the planet. Hope this helps to take the edge off.

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  1. Aiee! I mis-read that title as “Today Kind of Needs A Cat Pie, Doesn’t It”

    I guess that would be a mincemeat version of Schadenfreude Pie.

  2. Damn, that’s a beautiful cat. I’ve probably said that before, but Ghlaghghee has the power to render me dumb and able only to parrot “That’s a damn beauiful cat” on endless loop.

    I wonder what Lord Chang-not could possibly find amiss with THIS picture?

  3. Rachel@6: My guess? Legs splayed. Not a very “goddess”-like posture, y’know. Also, looks like the stair baseboard could use a hit or two with one of those woodwork crayons. Also also, I think it needs more dog, but that’s me.

  4. O Great Scalzi, what a superb picture of Her Most Glorious Shimmering Radiant Perfection.


    Clearly, your recently awarded Seal of Disapproval has had the desired effect. It is hereby lifted due to this wonderful image. Had you not been under this dark cloud of failure you might have been awarded the coveted Seal of Approval.

    But you were and therefore you didn’t. Better luck next time.

    The Official Ghlaghghee Fan Club

  5. Jeff Hentosz@7: The goddess cares not for human concepts of goddessness. In other words, she’s a cat. Modesty isn’t a standard feature.

  6. Bruce @ 3: Oh, good, it wasn’t just me. I did think she seemed pretty calm at the prospect of being made into a pie.

  7. Dave@9: Well, obviously. I mean … look at her. I was referring to Chang≠Chang’s then as yet undisclosed evaluation of the image. Which, it turns out, ::shrug:: Who am I to divine the ineffable blabbity etc. and so on.

  8. I love her feet. It’s like she stepped in black ink and then got it all over her face and tail.

  9. Jeff@11: I’m sorry. I forget that not everybody has embraced the madness that is cat servitude.

  10. Makes me want to get the catnip and ball of yarn out. I miss not having cats.

  11. I gotta say, that I totally agree. Today was indeed a day in serious need of a cat picture. Thanks John.

  12. Clearly she is a star who understands how to use the light to her best advantage. Curiously, she glows ever so slightly blue. Is that from a stained glass window, Photoshopping, or my screen?

  13. That is one seriously fuzzy cat. I keep looking at this picture thinking it’s out of focus. Then I realize that it isn’t. She actually looks like that. Wow.

  14. In the words of T.J. Burnside Clapp…”Sleep my weary World.” We all need more cat photos to ease the pain….

  15. [Deleted because I think the impulse to make every comment thread about politics is tiresome. Or to put it another way: Dude, it’s a thread about a fucking cat picture. Get a grip — JS]

  16. Scorpius: I like you :-)

    John: My, she is a gorgeous girl, isn’t she? She reminds me a lot of Caitlin, my 13 year old ragdoll Siamese, when she was younger (she’s much darker now).

    …How do you pronounce her name? GLAH gee, with a hard G on the second syllable? Emphasis on the first syllable? soft G on the second? Inquiring minds want to know!

  17. There are already bubbleheads gushing about how lucky Japan is to get what will turn out to be a great boost to their economy.

    I find that one cat picture, while mollifying, is not nearly enough.

  18. That is a well-deployed gaussian blur right there. So glad for that, especially after words like “radioactive” and “Japan” have been linked in the collective consciousness…

  19. She’s beautiful! Thanks for sharing such a beautiful picture on sad day for the planet.

  20. Also happy that CC saw fit to lift the Seal of Disapproval. All my friends in Hawaii and Japan are safe. Still sad for those who did not fare as well.

  21. Damn, but she’s such a photogenic cat. And it is, indeed, a very sad day for the planet.

  22. Thank you. After the last 24 hours, I really needed a picture of Radiant She.

  23. Thanks for sharing the picture. It’s a nice counterpoint to what we’re seeing on the news. The sheer magnitude of the destruction is just overwhelming.

  24. I was out on a hike with my husband and dog, when the quake hit us, in Yokosuka, JP. We were on top of an overlook. I was clinging to the water fountain and my husband was pretending to be surfing. (of course he was.) After reading articles all morning, learning just how bad the quake was, I just stopped by here to see what was going on. And yes, today does need a cat pic.

    Thank you for a lovely picture of your cat. Your very floofy cat.

  25. From the bio on the back of her centerfold: I like long walks from the kitchen to the bedroom, warm sunlight and catnip.

  26. That is indeed a very pretty cat. Do you have to comb her often? Right now I seem to have taken over cat-combing duties for a very fluffy long-haired tabby and the sheddingest ginger shorthair ever, and they adore it.

    Having been displaced by the recent (very shallow) 6.3 in Christchurch, I am this close to declaring War On Plate Tectonics. Clearly we need to remind Mother Nature who wears the pants in this relationship.

  27. May I humbly recommend that our noble host change 2011 from the year most likely to need Ritalin to the year most likely to need Xanex?

  28. She’s lovely. It does help to be reminded that, when awful things are happening, there still also beautiful creatures.

  29. I have a Ragdoll; the breed is long-haired, but doesn’t need combing, it’s more like bunny fur than cat fur. Mine is a cream-point, not nearly so beautiful as Ghlaghghee.
    (What’s a “soft g”? Is there any other kind?)

  30. Linda Seebach, #41: “I have a Ragdoll; the breed is long-haired, but doesn’t need combing,”

    That depends on how good a job the Ragdoll does on self-grooming. We have two Ragdoll-mixes (rescue cats of uncertain ancestry, but they could pass as pedigreed Ragdolls). One keeps her fur groomed regularly, at the cost of our stepping on the occasional hairball. The other doesn’t, and I spend too much time trying to keep the matting from getting too advanced.

  31. Beautiful Himalaya (at least I think that’s the breed). And of course the face is priceless: the expression seems to say, “Yes, I’m in the middle of the walkway. What of it?”

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