Lopsided Cat Shows You His Bearskin Rug Imitation

It’s uncanny, is what it is. That is, until you get the frontal view:

Which is less “bear” and more “Do you mind? I’m napping here.” Fair enough, Lopsided Cat. Fair enough.

24 thoughts on “Lopsided Cat Shows You His Bearskin Rug Imitation

  1. That’s about the same look my friend’s cat had on her face Saturday night when I informed her that while she was a sweet kitty, her “helping” with my knitting just wasn’s working out. We compromised. I stopped knitting and Pumpkin used my lap as her bed for awhile.

  2. Ok, is it me, or does that cat have blue fur??? And of course it’s naptime – with daylight savings kicking in, I want to be napping, too!

  3. Hey, Scalzi,

    Good pics of Lopsided Cat.

    Chaucer reminds us that, “It is nought good a slepying cat to wake.” Just saying.

    Later, man.

    The Lopsided Cat Fan Club

  4. Only cats could master an expression that says, “I’d eat you, but you’re ALL THE WAY OVER THERE, so either fuck off or baste yourself in a sauce and come within range.”

  5. O Great Scalzi, what excellent pictures of Mighty Lopsided Cat being Illuminated By Her Superb Glorious Magnificence. It is a shame that you did not see fit to include Her directly.

    However, the Executive Committee notes that your recently awarded Seal of Disapproval Award has clearly had an inspirational effect on the quality of your pictures.

    We will keep this observation firmly in mind.

    The Official Ghlaghghee Fan Club

  6. That’s what I call the “bunny butt” position. because rabbits often lay exactly like that.

  7. That flat feeling is exactly how I feel today. I think I will learn from his example and go take another nap.

  8. Just as a reminder to myself that I need to read all of the words: I though your headline was “Lopsided cat shows you his map of tasmania,” which would be a very different picture indeed.

  9. Black fur can scatter light into the blue spectrum hence the phrase blue black or raven black hair. A lot of black cats turn red as they age.

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