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Reader Request Week 2011 #3: Middle Ages Me

Charles asks: If you were born in the dark ages, and couldn’t be a writer, how would you earn a living? Technology related jobs are out, because remember it’s the DARK AGES. I don’t see you as the farmer type, so what would you do? Well, first, I’m not 100% behind the phrase “dark ages,” […]

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The Big Idea: Martha Wells

Where do we belong? To whom do we belong? Do we, in fact, belong at all? Questions that strike at the heart of any person who ever feels alone, and questions that Martha Wells kept in mind when it came time for her to write The Cloud Roads. Keeping these questions in mind have paid […]

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E-Mail Wonky (Update: Fixed)

I’m having problems today both sending and receiving e-mail — it’s a problem with my site host, it seems — so if you get mail bounced back or otherwise have mail-related difficulties involving me, that would be why. I’m on it and will try to get it cleared up as soon as possible. Thanks. Update: […]

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