Daily Archives: March 16, 2011

The SFX Blog Awards

UK science fiction magazine SFX has listed Whatever as a finalist in its Blog awards, in the category of “Best Celebrity Blog,” along with the blogs of Neil Gaiman, Wil Wheaton, Jane Espenson, Kate Griffin and James Moran. They’d like for you to vote for your favorite. And there are five other categories as well […]

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Reader Request Week 2011 #5: Taking Compliments

Blake asks: Can you ever just accept a compliment when you get one? Just a curious thought that passed through my mind when reading your answer to the poll that OMW was number one on. In fact, my standard operating procedure when someone compliments me or my work is to say “thank you,” without too […]

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Why Mars Needs Moms Flopped, and Other Things

Over at FilmCritic.com this week, I rummage through the mailbag and answer questions about the magnificent floppitude of Mars Needs Mom, how I would plan an alien invasion, and why there are so many science fiction movies scheduled this March. It’s all the stuff you need to know, none of the stuff you don’t. As […]

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