Daily Archives: March 18, 2011

My Musings on Corporations Will Be Graded

Stephen Bainbridge, a Whatever reader and also the William D. Warren Distinguished Professor of Law at UCLA, where he teaches business associations, advanced corporation law and a seminar on corporate governance, takes a look at my recent discussion of corporations, and adds his own commentary. How does he think I did? You’ll need to click […]

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Reader Request Week 2011 #9: Writery Bits ’11

In which I write up some stuff about writing, based on your requests: Mike Young: If something horrible were to happen to you, is there any writer you would feel comfortable having them finish you work? Or would you want all notes/manuscripts burned, their ashes scattered across the hills of Ohio? I don’t have any […]

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Reader Request Week 2011 #8: Short Bits ’11

And now, some shorter answers to questions asked this week. These are ones not related to writing. The writing ones are coming later. So: AmyLikesToDraw: I’m really interested in hearing how other freelancers – writers, fellow illustrators/designers, musicians – survive the whole Taxes thing. It might seen like a boring topic, but you’re obviously doing […]

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