And Now I Must Leave You

I got handed a fairly awesome yet last minute commission, so that’s what I’ll be doing with my weekend, not hanging around here. But look! I’m leaving you music.

From this band, and this album.

Have a good weekend. See you Monday.

18 Comments on “And Now I Must Leave You”

  1. Aha! What a random place to see some of my compatriots. I didn’t know it’d been released in the US (it was out in NZ back in September last year). A most excellent album – weird mix of NIN, MGMT, and early 90s shoegaze. This is my favourite song off the album.

  2. I’m really starting to like this band. Although I’m not sure old fart is one of their target demographics.

  3. Big fat payday and all we get is some stinkin’ video.

  4. No, those are all things freely available online.

    Also, with stuff like this, please don’t post on totally unrelated threads. E-mail exists for things like this.

  5. Dude, thanks for turning me onto this band. The Strokes released a new album, and now this?! A new band, new sound, to immerse myself into. Good week for music for me . . .

  6. Very cool song. I’ll check out the others that came up at the end, too. Their sound reminded me of MGMT with a bit of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs thrown in (which might partly explain your liking them).
    Thanks for sharing your musical interests with us, John.
    Do you like The National? They used to be from Ohio before moving to Brooklyn, NY.

    Are you going to let us know what this commission is once you are out from under any NDA (or once it’s published)?

  7. Just listened, and it’s really good – thanks for putting it up. I heard it as a rather good cross between the Beatles and OMD!