Spanish Android’s Dream Cover Art

Dig it, because I do:

Here’s my publisher’s page for the book. If you’re in Spain or thereabouts, it will be out and about on May 4.

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  1. I really do not recall there being power armor in Android’s Dream.grayscale

  2. Also I have no idea why “grayscale” was appended to the end of that comment.

  3. Wow! Any way for those of us who don’t live in Spain to get a copy? Aside from the beyond-awesome cover, I’d like to read you in translation just out of curiosity.

  4. singingdragon @2: It does seem that cover artists have similar responses to the fact that the book is named Android’s Dream yet is somewhat lacking in actual androids.

  5. @ Chang #5: would the street lingo for this mystical skiffy drug be “spandroid”?

    @ Claire #9: “electric sheep” sounds like it could make a good name for some sort of hallucinogenic drug that is popular on agricultural planets.

    Reminds me of the made up drug from Robocop 2. Nuke.

    Also, it does kinda feel like the android/dude in power armor is sitting on a shiny futuristic toilet. Maybe it is just the way he is sitting?

  6. Ok, the cover has an android sitting on the toilet. You’d almost think this book starts out with a fart joke or something.

  7. I would ask that the book was published in the Hungarian language? I’ve been to several shops in the area, but still could not find it anywhere. Online stores also have looked at (, but could not find it there either. Planned to prepare the Hungarian-language translation? If so, then what is the timetable?

  8. Cool!

    I’m from Spain.
    Even though I read your novels in English, I usually recommend them (in Spanish) to my friends and relatives. So it’s good to know that Android’s Dream will be available in May around here.


  9. By the way,
    Is there any chance you will be signing books in a tour around Spain anytime soon?

  10. While this is around a thousand times better than laser-shooting spaceships, it still kind of misses a point. Are there no “artist’s notes” one can provide? I guess those would need to be translated as well.

    Oddly, though, it kind of comes close. There are two notable computer-implemented intelligences in the story, but they don’t have humanoid bodies. Or any direct mechanical control, for that matter.

  11. I love it – Metroid meets Tron meets Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep. One day (though not likely soon), artists will be required to read the book before they design the cover, so that they might have something in common.

    It is a *very* pretty picture though.

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