Daily Archives: March 23, 2011

Away For the Day; Suggest a Writer’s Blog

I’m traveling later in the day to see a friend, which means I have some non-blog related tasks to attend to first, which means I AM LEAVING YOU. For the rest of the day, not forever. UNLESS I DIE. Which I’m not planning to. JUST SAYING. But as they say, when a door closes a […]

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Tales for Canterbury

My excellent friend Karen Healey wrote me today with this: I think that your Whatever readers might be interested in Tales for Canterbury. It’s an anthology of original and reprinted short stories in electronic and print form, the proceeds of which are all going to the NZ Red Cross (Christchurch) Earthquake Appeal. The writers and […]

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Women Directors and Writers (Or the Lack Thereof) in SF Film

This week at FilmCritic.com, I ask: Where are the women writers and directors in science fiction film? Because, hey, there aren’t very many. At all. Is this a general problem of women writers/directors being thin on the ground in film? Or is it something else? My thoughts await you, and as always feel free to […]

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