Fuzzy Nation Audio, Book Tour Venue Change in Dayton, and Other Stuff

An all-night drive, two hours of sleep and a morning spent arguing with my computer about connecting to the Internet has not inspired me to new heights of creative genius, so instead I’m going to catch you all up on some stuff relating to me.

1. First, a number of you have asked if there is going to be an audiobook release of Fuzzy Nation, and if so, who the narrator might be. The answer is a) Yes, there definitely will be an audiobook, and b) it will be narrated by none other than Wil Wheaton. This pleases me, not only for the obvious reasons that he is my pal and did such a fantastic job narrating Agent to the Stars and The Android’s Dream, but for an entirely different reason that I will not go into but which I think will be a real kick for you when you read or listen to the novel. There, I think that’s sufficiently mysterious enough for you. Let’s just say I strongly believe Wil was the right narrator for this particular job.

2. Speaking of Wil narrating the audio versions of my work, Agent has landed on Audible.com’s list of “Sleeper Hits: 20 New Surprise Listener Favorites.” Oh, I don’t know. I don’t think it’s that much of a surprise, personally. See above re: Wil and the fantastic job, etc.

3. Those of you who were planning to attend my Fuzzy Nation Book Tour appearance in Dayton should know that the venue of the appearance has been changed; it will now be at the Books & Co. store in The Greene, in Beavercreek, not at the Books & Co. store on Stroop road as previously reported. I’ll be updating the tours information and will probably mention it a couple of more times between now and then, but, you know, please make a note of it anyway. I’d hate for you to go to the wrong bookstore and be all sad. Because then I would be all sad too. So much sadness, so easily avoided.

4. Finally, look for the surprise appearance of a Whatever regular in this start-up company pitch (which despite its proposed domain extension, is safe for work).

5. Oh, one more audio-related thing: A review of the audio of The God Engines, over at SFFAudio.com.

6. Wait! Forgot! The Subterranean Press special edition of Zoe’s Tale is now at the printers! Yay! And if you follow that link, you’ll find more information about other upcoming SubPress projects of mine.

There. I’ve brained enough for the day.

Computer Nonsensery

Desktop computer’s ethernet connection doesn’t want to ether today, which naturally presents a host of problems. So guess what I’m doing with my morning?

Be back later.