Fuzzy Nation Audio, Book Tour Venue Change in Dayton, and Other Stuff

An all-night drive, two hours of sleep and a morning spent arguing with my computer about connecting to the Internet has not inspired me to new heights of creative genius, so instead I’m going to catch you all up on some stuff relating to me.

1. First, a number of you have asked if there is going to be an audiobook release of Fuzzy Nation, and if so, who the narrator might be. The answer is a) Yes, there definitely will be an audiobook, and b) it will be narrated by none other than Wil Wheaton. This pleases me, not only for the obvious reasons that he is my pal and did such a fantastic job narrating Agent to the Stars and The Android’s Dream, but for an entirely different reason that I will not go into but which I think will be a real kick for you when you read or listen to the novel. There, I think that’s sufficiently mysterious enough for you. Let’s just say I strongly believe Wil was the right narrator for this particular job.

2. Speaking of Wil narrating the audio versions of my work, Agent has landed on Audible.com’s list of “Sleeper Hits: 20 New Surprise Listener Favorites.” Oh, I don’t know. I don’t think it’s that much of a surprise, personally. See above re: Wil and the fantastic job, etc.

3. Those of you who were planning to attend my Fuzzy Nation Book Tour appearance in Dayton should know that the venue of the appearance has been changed; it will now be at the Books & Co. store in The Greene, in Beavercreek, not at the Books & Co. store on Stroop road as previously reported. I’ll be updating the tours information and will probably mention it a couple of more times between now and then, but, you know, please make a note of it anyway. I’d hate for you to go to the wrong bookstore and be all sad. Because then I would be all sad too. So much sadness, so easily avoided.

4. Finally, look for the surprise appearance of a Whatever regular in this start-up company pitch (which despite its proposed domain extension, is safe for work).

5. Oh, one more audio-related thing: A review of the audio of The God Engines, over at SFFAudio.com.

6. Wait! Forgot! The Subterranean Press special edition of Zoe’s Tale is now at the printers! Yay! And if you follow that link, you’ll find more information about other upcoming SubPress projects of mine.

There. I’ve brained enough for the day.

29 Comments on “Fuzzy Nation Audio, Book Tour Venue Change in Dayton, and Other Stuff”

  1. I keep getting an error on the Google Docs slide show. Won’t load all of the slides.

    And a guess on why Wil is the perfect narrator for Fuzzy Nation? He does a great Fuzzy voice. What do I win?

  2. Adnroid’s Dream, read by WIl Wheaton. That just might get me to try listening to audio books.

    And for what it’s worth, all 55 slides worked for me. (Using Firefox browser)

  3. Wil Wheaton? Wil Wheaton!!!??? Oh, dear gawds don’t let Sheldon know he was beaten out, aaaagain, by Wil Wheaton’s treachery!!

  4. “You bet your almost certainly white ass it will!”

    The best line I’ve read today in a startup company pitch.

  5. Now if only I could get a copy of Fuzzy Nation for you to sign when I see you at Minicon 46 in Minneapolis.

  6. Color.xxx: Great pitch? Or greatest pitch!?

    Also, I sat there going, “Wow, you can do this kind of thing with Google docs? Who knew?”

  7. Are you planning on signing books at your local bookshop so we can call/e-mail them to order copies? Think you mentioned this possibility a few months ago … similiar to what you’ve done for the holidays. Thanks.

  8. Dayton? Beavercreek? What’s the dif? Aren’t you successful enough to move to a First World location? I was born in Hamilton, so think that I can say with authority that Ohio is the slum of the Midwest. Glad to be gone.

  9. (pedantic mode) Actually it’s: “Brain and brain! What is brain?” (/pedantic mode)

  10. “Let’s just say I strongly believe Wil was the right narrator for this particular job.”

    I knew it. He can speak Fuzzy. “Yeek!”

  11. Fuzzy Wuzzy, you might wish to read one of Scalzi’s many posts about how, when, and why he and his family decided to live in a rural part of Ohio, and whether he likes it there.

  12. The limited edition of ‘Zoe’s Tale’ sounds good, but I really want the l/e of ‘The Android’s Dream’. Might have to work some o/t and buy both.

    Be still, my tired feet
    For we crave stuff, lots of stuff
    And must pay for it

  13. Wil Wheaton did an excellent job with Agent to the Stars; I’m finally listening to it this week, after buying it when it came out. (I read it years ago and loved it!).

    The fact that he narrates your Fuzzy book makes me even more tempted to jump into the whole Fuzzy pond (i.e., read original books, read your books, and then listen to the audiobook). :-)

  14. More Wil Wheaton, do you think if we mass produced him and sent him into the world we could have world peace?

  15. @blainesgirl: He’s more likely to drop the sweet, smiling facade and bend us to his utterly ruthless agenda of world domination. There would be peace, but at what price?

    /can’t sleep, Wheaton will get me

  16. Like Sheldon once said
    He’s the Jar-Jar Binks of the
    Whole Star Trek franchise

    (But I love his act on BBT)

  17. That review of the God Engines inspires a spoilery question full of spoilers.

    Did I mention spoilers?

    Here is it is:

    [question ROT-13'd by me -- JS]

    Gur erivrj fnlf gung gur Ebbx (jubfr anzr rfpncrf zr) vf n jbzna. Zl zrzbel bs gur obbx vf gung lbh irel pnershyyl nibvqrq hfvat nal traqrerq cebabhaf be qrfpevcgvbaf juvpu jbhyq hanovthbhfyl erirny gur ebbx’f frk. Qb V erzrzore vapbeerpgyl?

  18. Can you please ask Wil to do audiobooks of ALL your works? Including the blog? Because I love listening to him read your words.

  19. Wheaton + Scalzi = Awesome :) I just finished listening to The Android’s Dream, and I’m glad I got the Audiobook instead of the paper variety — Wil’s performance really brings out the best in that story.

  20. Congrats!
    And that startup site is hilarious – I hope Ghlaghee is getting some of the Good Stuff for her appearance – and I’m not talking catnip here. [I cannot WAIT to see what Chang/NotChang has
    to type.]

  21. Stoked about the Wheaton. I actually listened to Agent To The Stars twice through back-to-back because it was so damn good.

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