iPad Glitchery

I was alerted by a reader that for some reason the site wasn’t coming through on iPads. I told her to check her iPad browser cache, but then I checked my own iPad and had the same problem. I think I’ve identified the culprit — WordPress has incorporated a flashy new widget that displays site on the iPad in an app-like design (whatever that means), and my version of it was turned on but not formatted, so iPad readers apparently got a blank screen. I turned it off and then the site loaded onto my iPad just fine.

So if you’ve been having trouble accessing the site via your iPad in the last few days, go ahead and try again. It should work now.

14 Comments on “iPad Glitchery”

  1. I knew WordPress was mucking with stuff so when I couldn’t get my scalzi fix I loaded whatever into flip board. I really, really like websites strait the way their creators code them, not messed with by some machine code screwup thang…

  2. It happened to me too, over the weekend. It was awhile between then, and my next visit through a PC browser, so I hadn’t had a chance to double-check for persistence. I’ve worked too long in tech support – I don’t like reporting issues I can’t reproduce reliably.

  3. Awesome. Thanks for fixing the issue. I was wondering why I was having issues after trying multiple things to correct on my end. Now I know. Thanks again! Loving the blog.

  4. I’m another one who couldn’t access Whatever with my iPAD. Fortunatly, I received the postings by email. Thanks for fixing it, John.

  5. Thank you as well; I saw the iPad checkbox on my WordPress site the other day, and had no clue as to it’s function, so I checked it. I will go and turn it off.

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