Not Dead, Merely Uninteresting

In case you were wondering about the paucity of updates today. Hey, sometimes it happens, you know?

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  1. So why not explain John the phrases you append at the top left corner of the Whatever home screen? Maybe you have before, but I missed it. “A Clever But Disturbed Schoolboy” has been there a few days. Nuggets you find in things you read. Phrases buried in your own unpublised writing to tease us? Wisdom from a buddy wishing to remain anonymous? Just wondering. Your answer could break this wee spell today of being uninteresting.

  2. @Gary Willis:

    Sublety is High Art. Our Esteemed Host shared his favorite one star Amazon review in a recent post. (Reader Request Week 2011 #4: Old Man’s War and the Best SF/F Novel of the Decade)

    Here’s the review.

  3. But I depend on you, John, to make my day more interesting!



  4. How do we know this is really Scalzi? Maybe Scalvi has rubbed him out, and is trying to fool us with a short post on the internets. I demand proof; a picture of a housepet posted in a manner designed to violate at least three of Chang and the Committee’s rules would suffice.

  5. Could be Reanimated Zombie Scalzi, though, so we’d need information that can’t be provided in a post.

    Volunteers to go and collect tissue samples?

  6. No worries, John. You’ve already told us that Monday is your “ZOMG! BUSINESS OF WRITING YARRRGH!” day. Carry on.

  7. @Spiritzerothree #2 Thank you kind sir. I remember reading that review, but of course did not catch Scalzi’s pickup of the phrase for the top-left corner of the Whatever home page. So does Scalzi only mine reviews of his novels for these gems, or does he just mine whatever (pun intended) catches his eye?

  8. Sometimes it disappoints me when John Scalzi fails to post to his blog because he’s busy with some mysterious errand, but then I read about how a masked vigilante in Ohio hauled the Joker back to the asylum again and everything just seems all right.

  9. John Scalzi feels that he is uninteresting today.

    Given that John Scalzi is in general very interesting, it is unusual that he is uninteresting.

    Things that are unusual are interesting.

    Therefore, John Scalzi is interesting today.

    I will now vanish in a puff of logic.

  10. Do you think she could have helped herself my making one well thought out response to this review? Something level headed and calm. Or should she have just not responded at all?