Today’s Installment of “Attractive Singer Sings a Sad, Pretty Song”

The band: Fisher. The song’s been about for a while, but it gets me every time, it does. I’m sentimental. So there.

Did You Know March 30 Is International Give Away an ARC of Fuzzy Nation on Whatever Day?

It totally is! I have a proclamation from the United Nations and everything! Actually, it’s not from the UN, it’s from my cat. And he didn’t so much proclaim it so much as stare at me unblinkingly with his implacable predator eyes. But that’s not important now. What is important is that I’m giving away an ARC of Fuzzy Nation here on Whatever. Today. March 30. 2011. I will even sign and personalize it for you, you lucky, lucky dog, you.

How can you win it? Easy:

1. I have thought of a number between 1 and 1,000 and told it to my wife WHO DOES NOT LIE for third party verification of that number.

2. In the comment thread, guess which number I thought of.

3. If you guessed right, you win!

4. You can only guess one number, and you can only guess once.

5. If two people post the same correct number, the first person who posted it wins (if two people post the same wrong number, then, well. You’re both wrong).

6. If no one picks the number, the closest number to the number I picked will win. In the event that there are two people picking numbers equidistant from the winning number (i.e., one higher, one lower), the winner will be the lower number. Because I said so, that’s why.

7. Contest open until 11:59:59pm Eastern, March 30, 2011.

8. I’ll announce the winner sometime tomorrow.

So: Pick a number.

Science Fiction Film, Briefly

This week at, I decided to let other people do my work for me leverage the synergistic possibilities of social media by having people ask me science fiction and fantasy film-related questions on Twitter, to which I would respond, at Twitter lengths, in the column. How did it work out? The answers, in 140 characters or less, await you here. Unsurprisingly, we cover a lot of ground, briefly. It was fun to do, I’ll say that much. Feel free to leave your comments there — you can go a little long, if you like.