Today’s Installment of “Attractive Singer Sings a Sad, Pretty Song”

The band: Fisher. The song’s been about for a while, but it gets me every time, it does. I’m sentimental. So there.

11 Comments on “Today’s Installment of “Attractive Singer Sings a Sad, Pretty Song””

  1. So – this song was left off the Message in a Bottle soundtrack because it was deemed to be too sad. The song combined with the scene it was played during made too many people in the test audience cry too much to continue the movie.

  2. This song always makes me cry. Damn you…

    Gah, beautiful and haunting. I haven’t thought about it in a while.

  3. Hold on a sec – there seems to be something in my eye…

    That’s a lovely little song. I’d never heard it, or the band, before. Thanks for posting this, John.

  4. I enjoy her voice, and I think the lyrics are pretty well written. The piano is gorgeous. However, I think this song desperately needs some more emotion. There are absolutely no dynamics in this song. A crescendo toward the end to build some tension and some more vocal emotion from the singer would make this a pretty epic song. As it is, I give it a solid “meh.” Your mileage, as always, may vary.

  5. I’ve never heard of the band or the song but I really liked it. I’m a sucker for sentimental. I emailed the lyrics to my wife…she’ll like that. :) Thanks for the post!!

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