Daily Archives: March 31, 2011

Why, Hello, My Little French Book

I can has French versions of Agent to the Stars! I really do love the cover, by Paul Kidby. Especially the frog. It cracks me up every single time. Man, I love my life.

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Slightly Less Than Spring

Pictures from a 37 degree day.

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The Big Idea: Douglas Hulick

Some say that dictionaries are descriptive, some say they are prescriptive — but how many say that they are inspirational? Douglas Hulick is one of the (I assume) relatively few in that last category, and he’s here to explain how a chance encounter with one eventually led to his debut fantasy novel Among Thieves. The […]

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That was the number I had in mind for yesterday’s contest, and this was the fellow who picked it first. Congratulations, Mike, and thanks everybody for playing. I will probably give away at least a couple more ARCs of Fuzzy Nation before the release date, so be ready. Because it could happen at any time.

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