Slightly Less Than Spring

Pictures from a 37 degree day.

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  1. You are looking much skinnier in the face then pictures from last year, the dieting has paid off! Hope that didn’t come out slamming pre-diet Scalzi

  2. I like the 3rd shot as the next pic for the author jacket. you could use the 4th, but why?

  3. I am going to blow up the Pensive Author Photo(TM) to truly staggering proportions, and then affix it to the wall opposite my bed so that every night, I go to sleep with John watching over me, and every morn I wake up to see his calm and soothing demeanor.

  4. Take the Pensive Author Photo, one of those languid ennui shrubbery shots for the cover, and the title of this post, and you have the trimmings for a LitFic novel. I can practically hear the mournful cello in the book trailer.

  5. I agree with many here that pic should be used as your pic when releasing new books!! You are vary dauper my friend!!

    DId the camera or programe create these awesome pictures??

  6. I wish it were warmer, and I have sent an inquiry to those it may concern stating something to that effect, but you all know the entanglement of bureaucracy.

    It probably won’t be warm until September.

  7. I must admit that as a Canadian I was briefly very alarmed at the temperature. Then I did the conversion and realized we’re actually warmer here in Edmonton today. *g* (8 C, 46 F)

  8. The boundaries between seasons are like the boundary between the yin and yang sides of the tai ch’i. There’s a little Spring in Winter, and also a little Winter in Spring. In fact, I would contend that Spring cannot truly be Spring without that admixture of Winter—and, of course, the admixture of Summer at the other end.

    Which is, of course, the rub: no one complains about Spring weather during Winter, only the other way around. Hardly seems sensible.

    All that said: Really nice pictures, John. I’m delighted but not surprised. I especially like the portrait of you, which looks like it should grace the cover of a Very Serious Novel.

  9. Yeah. It was in the 80s here in Fresno today. Will be back in the 60s by Sunday, probably, and I will enjoy it while I can, because all too soon it will be 90s and 100s every day for months on end.

  10. I’ve heard of this thing called spring; it would be nice if it stayed sprung.

  11. yer doggie looks Real Sad that it is cold. I’m guessing it got warm, then cold again, like it did here. (hell, we had snow AFTER my birthday this year, which doesn’t happen often.)

    Best wishes!

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