Daily Archives: April 4, 2011

My Shiny New Vehicle

No, not the Mini Cooper Countryman. That’s currently on a boat in the Atlantic (seriously, it is; I know because the nice saleslady who sold us the car calls us every now and again to give us an update. The last update: “It’s on a boat!”). This is the other new ride, a Toro Titan […]

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Where I Will Be, April/May ’11 Edition

Now that it’s a work day in April that’s not April Fool’s Day, I can tell you things without being immediately doubted. So today I will remind you about my appearances over the next couple of months. April 14-15: Texas Library Association Annual Conference, Austin, Texas: Are you a librarian in Texas? And going to […]

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Some New Things to Think About re: Electronic Books

Namely, whether they will turn out to be a gold mine for content scammers in the short run, poisoning the well for actual authors of any sort in the long run. Jim Macdonald covers it all, with relevant links, over at Making Light, and rather than duplicate efforts, I’ll just commend that link to you […]

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