Where I Will Be, April/May ’11 Edition

Now that it’s a work day in April that’s not April Fool’s Day, I can tell you things without being immediately doubted. So today I will remind you about my appearances over the next couple of months.

April 14-15: Texas Library Association Annual Conference, Austin, Texas: Are you a librarian in Texas? And going to the TLA Annual Conference? Then it is a good chance that you shall see me there, as I will be there to a) hang out at the Tor booth on the 14th, signing stuff, b) do a panel on the 15th with Patrick Rothfuss and other authors. THERE WILL BE STEW (note: there will not be stew).

As I will be in Austin specifically for the TLA, it’s unlikely I’ll slip into the real world and do much of anything else. Sorry, Austin. I know you’re awesome; I’ve been there before. But I’ll try to get into Texas again soon.

April 22-24: Minicon 46, Bloomington, MN: I’m the substitute Guest of Honor here, filling in for my pal Charlie Stross. I’ll be doing all the things Guests of Honor do, including panels, a reading, Q&A and signing. This is my only scheduled appearance in the Upper Midwest for 2011, so if you want to see me, this is the place to do it.

April 29 – May 1: Penguicon 9.0, Troy, MI: As far as I know at the moment, I’m just hanging out this year, although I may have signed up for a panel or two; really, I can’t remember, I was so high when I registered. Point is, I’ll be about.

May 10-18: The Fuzzy Tour, Various Cities. Here are the dates, cities and places I’ll appear. Won’t you come? I’ll be pining for you specifically. Yes, you.

May 19-22: The Nebula Awards Weekend, Washington DC: At which as SFWA President I’ll preside over the handing out of awards, and the SFWA business meeting and all other sorts of stuff. Although a SFWA event, fans can also attend; click that link for registration information. There will also be a signing event that will feature many of your favorite science fiction and fantasy authors — and me! More information on that as we get closer to the date.

And that’s what I have at the moment. It’s possible I may add another event or two at the end of May, but that’s still being worked on. Naturally I will let you know if anything else gets added to the schedule.

This is the schedule, incidentally, that makes me glad I actually finished that novel I was working on.

17 Comments on “Where I Will Be, April/May ’11 Edition”

  1. Oh sure, but what your readers probably don’t realize is that April 4th is “Day of the Fish” in an ancient Tongan tradition, and according to anga fakatonga, if you fall for a joke the joker gets to whack you in the groin with a fish.

    This schedule smells fishy to me.

  2. I just came back from the Austin area. Too bad. I did drive through Ohio on my way to and from. But I didn’t stop by. I was busy making the drive from San Antonio to Vermont a 2-day trip.

    Maybe I’ll catch you later.

  3. You’re going to be singing at Minicon? That’ll be interesting. Is that something all GoH do? ;-)

  4. He does have a history of musical theatre so singing might not be so far off.

    I also see that Jonathan Coulton and Paul et Storm are at the Guthrie on the 25th.

    Someone get their stalking schedule mixed up?

  5. What, no Salt Lick meetup with all your devoted Austin-area fans? Or just me? *sulk*

  6. Step 1. By a copy of “Fuzzy Nation” at the University Bookstore on May 10th and get ticket.
    Step 2. Go to University of Washington Campus, Kane Hall, Room 110 on May 17th at 5:00 PM
    (Yes I know that’s early but this guy is so popular.
    Step 3. Be entertained and get a signature on not only the “Fuzzy” book but also on my hardback of “Zoe’s Tale”
    Step 4. Go home happy.

    Love it when a plan comes together…

  7. Aww when you’re in Austin you know you want to emerge from the name badge wearing hoards and allow us to stuff you full of meat!

    That came out dirtier than it sounded in my head….

  8. looking forward to hopefully seeing you in May! (looking at being unemployed means looking at not spending money, alas)

  9. Note to self: bring a change of clothes to work, so this time you’re not the only person at the Scalzi reading in a suit.

    I was in Borderlands the other day and the young woman behind the counter was eagerly telling a customer about the upcoming Scalzi visit and recounting what a blast the last appearance (with Mary Robinette Kowal) had been, and recommending he pick up Fuzzy Nation. Mr. Mythago chose that moment to mention that he hadn’t actually read Little Fuzzy, whereupon said young woman scoured the shelves for us and found their last (used) copy. Sadly, while it is in the public domain it’s out of print.

  10. Since Penguicon is after Lent is over, I think we should make sure you’re provided with all the Coke Zero you can stand… ;)

  11. @ Andrew #5 “What, no Salt Lick meetup with all your devoted Austin-area fans? Or just me [and Angie K]? *sulk*”

    Fixed that for you, Andrew.

  12. When you’re at Penguicon, you should make a point to the effect that Troy, MI (I live nearby) shouldn’t have axed its library.

  13. Oh, bummer.

    I met you at Penquicon several years ago, before I had read any of your books — thus having NO idea of how TOTALLY AWESOME you are. Then, I sorta kinda gave up on writing (couldn’t handle the rejections), and haven’t gone to one since then. But I’ve since read your books, and started reading this blog in the last year, and discovered your awesomeness. So, knowing that you often attend Penguicon, I resolved to come to the next one.

    However, instead of writing (for submission, anyway), I got involved in dog rescue… and (here’s the bummer part), of course, our big two-day adoption event is… wait for it… April 30/May 1. So unless my fosterdog gets adopted before then (not likely, she won’t be the easiest-to-place dog I’ve ever fostered), I’ll have to wait for next year.

    (insert emoticon of your choice – I can’t find one for an honest-to-doG, rolling-on-the-floor screaming, kicking tantrum.)


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