Daily Archives: April 5, 2011

Today’s Ridiculous Fanboy Extravagance

It’s the limited edition (number 864 out of a 1,000) Elfman/Burton music box, featuring CDs of the soundtracks to every Tim Burton film that Danny Elfman has scored (as well as a flash drive with the same, which is that skull-looking disc you see), a hardcover book about their collaboration, a DVD of the two […]

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Oh, and About That Cover Letter

You remember the one. Here’s the story on that. It’s the work of a friend of mine, and was specifically designed to terrify an editor. Which it did. So well done him. I realize that some of you will be disappointed that Violet Thunder is no more real than TSWOTNDBOTDC, but now all the editors […]

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In Which I Reveal That TSWOTNDBOTDC Is Totally Not Real

Oh, don’t look so shocked. You knew this was coming. That said, with the exception of suggesting in a comment that whichever of the characters on the cover one found the most attractive was modeled after me — which is, like, so obvious a lie that no one could reasonably believe it — I’m happy […]

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