Achievement Unlocked: New York Appearance

For all you folks in New York City who were complaining that I never come to see you when I tour: FINE. I’M COMING. Are you happy now?

Specifically, I’m coming to be a part of this, sponsored by the New York Public Library:

Speculating on Fiction
Tuesday, May 24, 2011, 5:30 p.m.
Mid-Manhattan Library
Fully accessible to wheelchairs

Spend an evening in the realm of speculative fiction! From sword wielding creatures to clanking machines to Russian fairytales, get a peek inside some of the most creative minds in fiction today.

Lev Grossman – The Magicians
John Scalzi – Fuzzy Nation
Cat Valente – Deathless
Scott Westerfeld – Behemoth

With MC Gavin Grant – Small Beer Press

Original Music by Brian Slattery

So, yeah: That’s going to be pretty damn awesome.

You want to go? I know, silly question. The good news is, it’ll be free. But the NYPL asks if you would be so kind as to register, so they have at least some clue as to how many people will show up. Go here and follow the link at the bottom of the page to register.

So there, New York. Soon I will be in you. And oh, the fun we will have.

44 Comments on “Achievement Unlocked: New York Appearance”

  1. Pfff. New York.

    When are you coming to Denver? We have Coke Zero, too, y’know.

  2. Whoa. Looks like a great program. And I love the wording of “MC Gavin Grant”. I hope you turns an auto-tune and wields a pair of mixing tables on your reading, because that would be high entertainment.

  3. Yay! I’m registered! (And I suppose I’ll have to read the one author I’ve missed out of the bunch…not saying which.)

    P.S. How does one get an ebook signed?

  4. Wow, that’s quite the panel. Too bad I won’t have the cash (or the time, really) to make the 6+ hour trek down to New York. Even though I hate New York, with the white-hot passion of a thousand fiery suns. The kind of hate reserved only for ferrets and the undead.

    Don’t ask.

    (This is not to imply that I hate New Yorkers – I do not. I just happen to be… immune, shall we say, to the Big Apple’s “charms”.)

  5. Great news! Especially since NOT coming to NYC would have shown you to be a Communist.

  6. “Spectulating” are we? Should be quite the spectacle! Sorry. Sometimes I feel like typos are a genetic mutation mechanism for creating cool new words. I kind of like this one.

  7. Wow, that looks like an awesome time. I’m annoyed now, that I’ll be overseas, and won’t be able to attend.

  8. By the way, what exactly is “Spectulating”. And is the fiction at all damaged in the process?

  9. Well, I suppose we can’t really blame you for the title. It’s “Spectulating” on the NYPL site.

  10. alas, I really did think it had a shot. we might all have had superpowers by now if Life weren’t granted moderator privileges. enjoy new york!

  11. I’m glad to hear it. I just finished registering and look forward to the event. Hope you can sign my copy of OMW.

  12. #7: That’s not a bad idea…but first I’d have to be able to afford the e-reader. Sigh…

  13. So I will also assume that you will be at BEA that week as well? That would be awesome since they haven’t listed the guests yet.

  14. Wait, “Deathless”? That’s a Cat Valente title I’ve not heard before, and I thought I’d kept up with her stuff! Where can I find out more?

  15. You should start a competition/fundraiser to find out just how bad these other cities want to see you. The place that raises the most money is graced with your presence.

  16. This is AWESOME. At that point, I’ll finally, finally have shot my thesis in Cleveland, dropped my equipment off in DC, and headed back up to NYC just in time to be highly excitable and probably gushingly fangirly. Apologies in advance.

  17. Hmmm. I had a dream the other night that you and I were nemeses and that you had committed some grave offense against me for which I sought your blood. Perhaps this event will be the moment when my ghastly tribute is finally paid…

  18. Dammit….the one week I’m not out of the country and you come to my city?! How how does that work?

  19. Thanks for posting this. I’ll be in from Berlin for the BookExpo and I’ve signed up to see you and the others here. Do you expect to sign at BEA as well?

  20. You’re back on my Christmas card list…now I just have to make the list…I never send out cards..
    It’s like you knew I was graduating a few days previous, and wanted to gift me, with you…

  21. So when are you coming to Dragon Con or Denver? I live close enough to Altanta to drive there and would always be happy to fly home to Denver for a visit, with an extra added attraction.

  22. *sniff* Writers never come to Hawaii, at least not to spend time cooped up in a stuffy room with fans. They seem to think their time would be better spend ON THE BEACH, SWIMMING, WITH FRILLY FRUIT DRINKS AVAILABLE. Or in your case, sir, Coke Zero. Which we have out here.

  23. Hey, the event sounds good. I’ve signed up for it. (Hoping to get some friends to also register and attend.)

  24. No, and as soon as my frieind sent me the info, I signed up. As did my daughter. And my husband. But–seriously– Brooklyn Public Library is a separate system that serves a separate community. There are a lot of people in Brooklyn who are just not going to make it into Manhattan. IT is 45 minutes by train, but a world away.

  25. Ah. Well, with tours and appearances, there’s usually an invitation of some sort before I go. Brooklyn has not been forthcoming with invites (by which I mean, from actual bookstores/libraries, who then also offer compensation for time/travel, not from enthusiastic fans who’d like me to show up, although their thoughts are of course appreciated).