Hey, I Have Another Signed Fuzzy Nation ARC to Give Away

This time, I am thinking of a particular moment of time between RIGHT THIS SECOND and 11:59pm Eastern time tonight (that being April 8, 2011), and have told my wife WHO DOES NOT LIE what time it is. If you are the person who posts a comment in this thread at, or closest to, that moment (as recorded by the timestamp on the comment), then you will win. How absurdly easy, right? Right.

If you win, I will sign it! And personalize it! To you! Unless you want me to personalize to someone else. In which case I will personalize it! To them!


1. One entry per person. Duplicate entries will disqualify you.

2. In the event two or more people post at the same correct minute, whoever posts first wins. Because I said so.

3. In the case that someone doesn’t post at that exact moment, the first person to post after that exact minute will win. Again, because I said so.

4. If you post after 11:59pm Eastern time, you may not be paying attention to the details of this particular contest.

Update: 5. When you post your entry is the minute you choose — if you try to guess the time I’m thinking of in your comment, it won’t do you any good.

Got it? Go!

By John Scalzi

I enjoy pie.

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Hey, the combination of #1 and #2 causes people to be disqualified at random, though no fault of their own. At least on the last challenge, a clever person could search the above posts to be sure of not duplicating a number someone else had already guessed.

rightttttttttt NOW!

And, for the record, when I read LF, the fuzzies I imagined looked more like the old 60’s Little Fuzzy cover rendition than the bug-eyed version that seems to have become the canonical cover-fuzzy.

Well, why NOT?

Come and listen to a story about a man named Jed
A poor mountaineer, barely kept his family fed,
Then one day he was shootin at some food,
And up through the ground came a bubblin crude.

Seriously, how bad a shot do you have to be ?

Darn it. I wasn’t the first to post at my minute.

However, double posting won’t now help, hinder, or banish me to Aristophanes’ cloud cuckoo land.

I might even triple post later on tonight. If I feel like it!

Hmmm – so to improve my chances of winning, I have to convince everybody else not to post a comment after me for as long as possible.

Consider this – Knowing the authour, the time will be significant, not random.
Knowing the topic, there always was a happy hour….
So, everybody should post at exactly 4pm Mountain Time to try and get it right.

And nobody should post anything between now and then. Got it?

Should people who guess times be disqualified for not paying attention?

Okay, that’s draconian and not strictly in keeping with the rules, but I’m trying to emulate Congress by my density regarding the actual requirements for moving forward.

No ARC shutdowns!

Would the fact that today is my 38th birthday at all resonate backwards in time to the point where you selected the time stamp, ensuring I win and have the BEST BIRTHDAY EVER?

Of course, my wife also got me a signed copy of Judge Sn Goes Golfing, so can’t complain if I don’t get Fuzzy.

I guess the question is, has posting slowed down to less than one per second? And, will it, since that has the minimum odds of being knocked out because someone posted slightly earlier than me?

Heck, I’ll forget if I don’t post now. So I’ll take my chances with now.

If I don’t win, that means that (A) time travel will never exist, (B) I won’t be able to afford it, or (C) I will be able to afford it but the cost of the trip will not outweigh the cost of obtaining a signed copy of Fuzzy Nation in the future. I’m thinking (A).

Well, clearly I won’t win…

I’m going to go ahead and post this now, because although I believe that if I were John Scalzi I would want to reward those that have the pateince to wait until closer to the deadline I am quite convinced that I will forget to do so later, and hey, doesn’t cost nothin, right?

I think that you’re just trying to set a Whatever record for most comments and yet have none of be because of controversy. In fact, you’re going to have the most comments and have no person comment twice nor will you have to use the mallet of loving correction on them. Interesting.

the worst part about commenting on your blog? all your other commentators sound way too literate and smart and give me an inferiority complex. I’m just not clever enough, damn it! Maybe I don’t even deserve the damn ARC.. Maybe it’s not a complex… maybe I really am inferior… Wow — a breakthrough! An epiphany! Right here… on your page! Doesn’t that deserve a little something…???

Time zones, how do you deal with having so many? I get confused just with BST and GMT, I presume 11.59 is EDT rather than EST. EDT is -4 GMT and BST is at +1 GMT which makes you 5 hours? behind me?


Aethelred the Unready.


I’m pretty sure there is going to be another competition, so I want to have these answers ready to go.

A persistent stream of comments on a blog post continues; another drop falls in the Chinese Water Torture that is the ARC giveaway contest.