9:37 PM

This was the time I had in my head for yesterday’s Fuzzy Nation ARC giveaway. Which means that Whatever reader Shmuel wins, because he picked the right time to post. Timing is everything. Congratulations to him.

For everyone else, don’t worry, I’ll give away at least one more ARC between now and release of the book.

10 Comments on “9:37 PM”

  1. Glad you’ll have at least one more ARC give away, I missed reading your post for the contest until this morning, D’OH!!!

  2. I was early by two lousy minutes. I just KNEW I should have gone to the bathroom one more time or something before posting.

    Congrats to Shmuel (said with barely any trace of bitterness at all).

  3. Sheesh, you’re such an ageist. Young kids with bedtimes before 9:30, and old people that happen to go to bed before 9:30 were left out.

    Which is pathetic, because I’m neither, and still didn’t win…

  4. Do you realize what time that was here in the UK. I had gone to bed much earlier (well my entry was at 9:05pm). Perhaps the time was set to rule out postage to Europe.

  5. Missed it! Well, congrats to Shmuel and I’ll try again next time. And if I don’t get an ARC I’ll still get the book but it won’t be as cool as winning an ARC. But the book will still be cool. And I still have found my ancient falling apart used bookstore copy of Little Fuzzy. But I shall find it so I can reread it!

  6. A bare 15 minutes off for me. Woot. (Poor Joe W, right after Shmuel. He could obviously tell it was time to post, but was slow off the mark.)

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