Daisy and Lopsided Cat Pose For Their Spring Portraits

And as you can see, it was a lovely day for it. So lovely, in fact, that I spent most of it away from the computer. And I would do it again. Don’t worry; tomorrow’s supposed to be rainy and 20 degrees cooler. I’ll be back inside then.

20 Comments on “Daisy and Lopsided Cat Pose For Their Spring Portraits”

  1. Daisy is a truly lovely dog. Is she a particular breed, or a “mutt”? To my admittedly untrained eye, she looks like she has a fair amount of pitbull in her, maybe some mastiff.

    Lopsided Cat looks positively regal. Love those eyes!


  2. Great photos. Even Chang, who must be believed when they assert that they are not Chang, will surely concede that these are lovely pictures. From experience, I nonetheless expect that Chang and the Committee will nonetheless find some terrible fault that I have overlooked.

  3. Warren- Chang never likes pictures of the dog, or anteater thing as he calls it.

    Personally, I agree with you though.

  4. Warren @ 4; the fault is obvious here – there’s no Ghlaghghee in sight!

    Mighty Lopsided Cat does indeed look Mighty, however, so I’m sure *his* fan club will be pleased.

  5. It looks like a 70s B-movie where radiation poisoning makes the animals huge and ravenous… Run Daisy, run!
    Where is Will when you need him?

  6. Cute puppy.
    Daisy has some of the best dog ears ever.
    I like dog ears that can fold down like that or perk up.
    Plus the look on her face is just awesome.

  7. #6 by Louise P on April 10, 2011 – 8:27 pm said:
    “Warren- Chang never likes pictures of the dog, or anteater thing as he calls it. ”

    No no no! Anteater Thing was Kodi, the previous dog, and the nickname was retired when Kodi died. I don’t recall that the subcommittee has yet announced the name it plans to use for Daisy.

  8. Ruth- Ah, I thought that the committee referred to all dogs as ‘anteater things’. I stand corrected.

  9. I believe Daisy is referred to by Chang W/I/N Chang as “Rancid Dog Thing”. I don’t know if that is a permanent term or just a transitional term until CWINC thinks of something better.

  10. I am sure you already answered this somewhere, but why is Lopsided cat named Lopsided cat? I did a search and never found the genesis of this.

  11. Ah! Thanks JPR. I even found that post and just didn’t skim efficiently enough. Very cool.