My Minicon 46 Schedule

A reminder to Minnesotans, Wisconsinites, Iowans and Dakotans (and, heck, Manitobans and Ontarians) that I’ll be among all y’all in less than two weeks, as Substitute Guest of Honor at Minicon 46 in Bloomington, Minnesota, which you can still get memberships for and participate in the general revelry and hilarious hijinx! And yes, the hijinx will be hilarious. There’s no point in having hijinx unless they are.

And what will I be doing whilst at Minicon 46? Below, please to find my schedule of events.

The Future Isn’t What It Used To Be – 4:00 PM Friday (April 22nd)
Depictions of the world following a lack of cheap energy seem to be replacing the glitzy hi-tech future and post-nuclear holocaust in SF. Will the trends continue? Is this future more plausible than the earlier versions? How much do fictional futures have to say about the times in which they are written?
Panelists:  John Scalzi, Laura Krentz, Neil Rest, Greg Johnson, Magenta Griffith

Opening Ceremony – 7:00 PM Friday
Welcome to Minicon 46!  Meet Guests of Honor John Scalzi and Chas Somdahl.  Revel in announcements from the Minicon Committee.  See and be seen.  Maybe a bit of Shockwave Radio Theater humor, you never know.
Panelists:  David E Romm, John Scalzi, Chas Somdahl, Kevin Austin, Joel Phillips

Successful Writing In the Digital Age 10:00 PM Friday
Our author Guest of Honor John Scalzi has been writing or editing for the online world for more than fifteen years. How does one survive as a writer in the digital age? How does an internet persona mesh with the introverted lifestyle of an author?  What’s the best way to deal with the trolls and haters?
Panelists:  John Scalzi, Ctein, Aaron Vander Giessen

Science Literacy Vs. Human Knowledge – 11:30 AM Saturday (April 23rd)
The corpus of human knowledge is growing constantly. How can we even decide what the baseline of scientific literacy should be? What’s the process by which the baseline changes?
Panelists:  Chas Somdahl, Kelly Strait, John Scalzi, Howard Davidson, Rob Callahan

John Scalzi Reading and Signing – 2:30 PM Saturday
Programming Note: In addition to reading my own work, I will, with his blessing, read a little from Charles Stross’ upcoming — and excellent — novel, Rule 34. I’m doing this because Charlie was the convention’s original author guest of honor, until personal circumstances required his presence at home. So I’m happy to be able to give his fans a sneak preview here.
John Scalzi, Anton Peterson assisting

John Scalzi Interview – 5:30 PM Saturday
John Scalzi chose not to pursue other career options principally because “use more mayonnaise” does not apply as universally as one might hope.  This interview will focus on the path that he chose instead.  Questions from the audience are strongly encouraged.
John Scalzi, David E Romm interviewing

Creation Museum Slideshow – 8:30 PM Saturday
John Scalzi shares photos and stories from his visit to “the very best monument to an enormous load of horseshit that you could possibly ever hope to see.” Hilarity ensues.
John Scalzi, Rob Callahan moderating

Common Misconceptions About Publishing – 11:30 AM Sunday (April 24th)
How is the publishing industry structured? What exactly does an author sell to a publisher, and what do publishers want to see? Why are books the length that they are? Published authors and editors talk about their experiences and share their “If I knew then what I know now…” stories.
John Scalzi, Michael Merriam, Patrick Nielsen Hayden, Teresa Nielsen Hayden

Works of John Scalzi – 2:30 PM Sunday
John Scalzi, Patrick Nielsen Hayden

Closing Ceremony – 4:00 PM Sunday
Final thoughts from Guests of Honor Chas Somdahl and John Scalzi. The Assassination of the MN-StF President.  Wind down the con. Art show and Medallion Hunt winners, among other announcements. Final thoughts from Concom.

In addition to this I will be doing my usual loitering about in the bar area, visiting parties and otherwise being accessible as Guests of Honor should be. Come on down and join us — you’ll have the sort of fun that only unregenerate nerds can provide! And, truly, that is the best kind. See you there.

22 Comments on “My Minicon 46 Schedule”

  1. Is it my imagination, or that is a pretty heavy workload? Perhaps the “Guest of Honor” title should be changed to “Atlas (please don’t shrug!)”.

  2. Well, two of those (the opening and closing ceremonies) I don’t have to do much at. Otherwise it’s a lot, but I go into a GoH gig assuming I’ll be put to work.

  3. Could I put in a plea to change “Ontarioites” in the first para. to “Ontarians,” which is what we actually call ourselves?

  4. Aw, man, I’m gonna miss the Creation Museum Slideshow. (grin) Of course, readers of the Whatever already have been in on some of the fun, I imagine…

    Dr. Phil

  5. I don’t suppose there’s any chance that copies of Fuzzy Nation will be available a couple of weeks sooner in anticipation for the con? Lotsa fans will be itching for the new book to be available, and to have signed. :-) :-0 :-(

  6. Sounds like fun. The Creation Museum riff was funny in print; I can only imagine how snark-tastic it is in person. Based on your review, it seems the Creation Museum managed to make dinosaurs seem lame. That is a difficult feat.

  7. I have just updated the Minicon online schedule to include the Charles Stross Rule 34 reading, and on that subject, might I also add “Yay!”

    Thanks very much for coming this year, we are all looking forward to it.

  8. Did anyone else originally read this as “Minioncon”?

    I did, and was disappointed on re-reading it. Sigh.

  9. Hi. I’m the MC at Opening and Closing Ceremonies. You mention that you don’t have much to do. This is entirely correct… and completely wrong, depending. You can do pretty much whatever you want to do: Give a speech, sing a song, comment about laundry tags, etc. Just give me an approximate time (less than the hour) and you’re in!

    I might have a small part for you to read, if that’s okay. It will be in script form, like all Shockwave Radio Theater pieces. Hasn’t been written yet, so precisely what, if anything, it turns out to be is kind of iffy.

    Anyway, Opening Ceremonies is your moon to take a giant leap on. We’ll also talk a bit about the interview. As always, it’s pretty much what you want to do. I’m an enabler.

  10. I am so frelling excited! I can’t wait to give you the shirt and buy you a cocktail!

  11. “Was the visit to the creation museum your surreal day last week?”

    That was 4 or so years ago. That is how I found out about John. Lots of people trace their “whatever” lineage back to bacon cat. For me it was the creation museum thing.

    I was a big Instapundit reader back then (Glenn was a more interesting read back when his party was in power, you’ll just have to trust me) and Glenn Reynolds was going on and on about Scalzi and Old Man’s War. Normally, I don’t really take fiction recommendations from strangers, but Reynolds also went on and on about Firefly, and I adored Firefly, so that gave him street cred with me. Anyway, long story short, Reynolds links to the Creation museum thing so I finally go and check out Scalzi’s blog. Next thing you know I got a shelf full of military science fiction, and a browser cache full of witty, sarcastic, political and social commentary.

  12. #9: Yes, Minicon is traditionally held over the Easter Weekend. And usually someone will make a kettle of rabbit stew — with (shelled) hard-boiled eggs in it. Minneapolis fans do things like that. They also generally provide a dedicated room, with appropriately-kosher food/munchies, if the weekend overlaps Passover.

    I don’t think they overwork their Guests of Honor (I was once a minor one) — being on a Program Item is a matter of Being In The Limelight or Self-Promotion, which many Writers seem to rather enjoy, and the ConCom doesn’t (or didn’t used to) press the GoHs to do more of this than they want to.

  13. John, I am very much looking forward to the convention and to meeting you. I have a t-shirt to give you.

  14. John, I am also looking forward to seeing you at Minicon and am only slightly disapointed that I won’t be turning the pages during your reading.

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