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Surprise! I Have Another Fuzzy Nation ARC to Give Away

I’m traveling later in the week, so I figure I should probably give one away now, you know? Here’s how we’re playing it this time: 1. I asked my daughter to think of a number between one and one thousand. She has. 2. Leave a comment in the comment thread. If your comment number matches […]

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Just Arrived, 4/12/11

Catching up on what’s come to the Scalzi Compound: * The Lost Fleet: Beyond the Frontier: Dreadnaught, Jack Campbell (Ace): Campbell’s very popular space opera series featuring Captain john “Black Jack” Geary jumps into hardcover for the first time with this installment, which start a new story arc for Geary, now promoted to admiral, as […]

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The Big Idea: Peter Orullian

Choices, motivations, and the unintended consequences thereof — heady stuff for any novel, much less a series. In The Unremembered, the debut fantasy novel from Peter Orullian, which is in itself the first novel in a six book series, each of these things is considered, and weighed, and tested before being put into practice. Orullian […]

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