Daily Archives: April 13, 2011


That was the magic comment number on yesterday’s Fuzzy Nation giveaway contest. And this is the fellow whose comment was at that number. Congratulations to him, and thank you everyone for playing. Don’t worry — I’ll give away at least one more of these before I’m through. Probably next week.

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My Wife’s New Toy

We got the new mower a week ago, but fate (and rain) kept it and my wife apart. No longer! Here she is, happily ensconced in its chair, subjecting the lawn to its first whirring slice-ination of the year. As you might be able to guess from her expression, shortly after I took this picture […]

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Obama’s Deficit Reduction Speech

Since I know some of you will want to discuss it (politely), here’s the place to do it. For those who haven’t seen it yet, here’s the text. I normally point to the New York Times for stuff like that, but in deference to those of you with paywall issues, I’m pointing to Talking Points […]

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Multiple Revenue Streams, Revisited

Yesterday I rather cryptically announced on Twitter that at that moment someone was using me as an example of something; that person was Cory Doctorow, in a Twitter discussion with author David Hewson about writer career models. Hewson wrote about how he wouldn’t take career advice from Cory, which precipitated a rather long Twitter conversation […]

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Athena and the Pre-CGI Effects Films of Death!

My FilmCritic.com column is back on its regular schedule, and this week my daughter (seen above, scowling dramatically) passes judgement on all effects-laden films prior to Jurassic Park and finds them completely unacceptable. Why does she do this — and is she correct to do so? The answers await you, my friends. As always, if […]

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