Off to Austin

For to sign books and do panels at the Texas Library Association conference. As I am traveling today and then will be busy scribbling in books, I’ll probably be scarce around here today. But do check my Twitter feed, I’ll probably be updating there.

If you’re going to be at TLA, I’ll be doing a booth signing today at 2pm; I’ll be at booth #2225. Tomorrow I’ll be doing the panel “Science Fiction: Beyond Earth’s Boundaries” at Room 19 AB, Level 4, starting at 10am. Don’t miss it! Because if you miss it, I and my co-panelists will be talking to an empty room. And that would be sad.

Anyway, I’m off. Catch you all later.

11 Comments on “Off to Austin”

  1. Aargh, here I am in Austin and I don’t know any librarians who can sneak me into this!

  2. #3 – same here. John, be sure to let the TLA know that if their conference is sparsely attended and they need some filler crowd to make them look good, you can always invite the Whatever horde. We promise not to wear our Star Trek uniforms.

  3. #4: That kinda reminds me of a story my then-bf told me about fifteen years ago. He was attending a local ST convention, and the guest speaker was Marina Sirtis (Troi from TNG). She closed her remarks by asking for questions from the audience. One guy had the chutzpah to ask her “Did they make you change your uniform (from the lavender v-neck thing to the blue/black full-collar thing) because the old one made you look too fat?”

    Two other convention attendees, in full ST regalia, promptly pulled out their phasers and “shot” him.


  4. One of the things that did bum me out of missing TLA this year, that you were going to be there. Then again, budget cuts have been rough, so getting any travel funding has been pretty much impossible for a few years now. Anyhow, I hope the talk is a success.

    Best, and keep on blogging.

  5. Enjoy my hometown! Hopefully you’ll get to partake of some of the gastronomical delights in Austin. :-)

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