Wil Wheaton’s Doppelganger Will Serve You Now

When I was in Austin I went to dinner with friends, and one of the wait staff here was this guy, who looked enough like My Pal Wil that I felt it necessary to take a photo of him and post it here. I don’t know if he gets a lot of the “dude, you totally look like Wil Wheaton” thing, but you know what? Now he will.

Austin in general: Lovely. It was my second time in Texas’ capital city, and for the second time I liked it a whole lot. Since my only other experience with Texas at this point has been airports, it would be a little early to call it my favorite city in the Lone Star State, but I can say it’s a city I would be happy to revisit again soon.

The TLA conference was also really good — my booth signing went through all the books we had, which is what you hope for, and then the panel I was on (with Pat Rothfuss, Elizabeth Moon, Jonathan Maberry, Maria V. Snyder and Ryan Brown) was both well attended and lots of fun to be on. Plus I got a little quality time in with Pat and Paolo Bacigalupi, which is always a good time.

Yes, the having my departing flight delayed into oblivion by high winds and thereby leaving a day late kind of sucked, but I don’t blame Austin or the TLA for that. So thanks, Texas, for a fantastic time. And for the Wil Wheaton lookalike, which was the cherry on top of the whole Texas sundae.