Wil Wheaton’s Doppelganger Will Serve You Now

When I was in Austin I went to dinner with friends, and one of the wait staff here was this guy, who looked enough like My Pal Wil that I felt it necessary to take a photo of him and post it here. I don’t know if he gets a lot of the “dude, you totally look like Wil Wheaton” thing, but you know what? Now he will.

Austin in general: Lovely. It was my second time in Texas’ capital city, and for the second time I liked it a whole lot. Since my only other experience with Texas at this point has been airports, it would be a little early to call it my favorite city in the Lone Star State, but I can say it’s a city I would be happy to revisit again soon.

The TLA conference was also really good — my booth signing went through all the books we had, which is what you hope for, and then the panel I was on (with Pat Rothfuss, Elizabeth Moon, Jonathan Maberry, Maria V. Snyder and Ryan Brown) was both well attended and lots of fun to be on. Plus I got a little quality time in with Pat and Paolo Bacigalupi, which is always a good time.

Yes, the having my departing flight delayed into oblivion by high winds and thereby leaving a day late kind of sucked, but I don’t blame Austin or the TLA for that. So thanks, Texas, for a fantastic time. And for the Wil Wheaton lookalike, which was the cherry on top of the whole Texas sundae.

27 Comments on “Wil Wheaton’s Doppelganger Will Serve You Now”

  1. I’m certain there is an episode of The Big Bang Theory in this photo somewhere. Will Wheaton, hiding in Texas (where Sheldon comes from)…damn. To the FanFic-Mobile!!!

  2. Can I ask what restaurant you guys ended up at? I am trying to tell from the photo, but I really can’t… maybe Iron Cactus on 6th?

  3. Hey, That looks like Parkside! I hope you had the fluke, and the cab fritters. Mmmm, Parkside.

  4. You obviously forgot about that TNG episode where Wesley Crusher was duplicated by a transporter malfunction. Unlike some shows that cheaped out on their technical consultants, Star Trek: TNG never resorted to faking the tech.

  5. Dremiel wins an Austin. I’ve never been to Parkside. Same block on 6th as Iron Cactus though! Partial credit?

  6. perhaps a photo of mr. WW for comparison would help for those of us that do not have a mr. WW nearby

  7. Austin also has a fabulous music scene – which I was introduced to the last time I had an Astrometry Team meeting there. (Long, long time ago.)

  8. Ooh. I hope that guy is ready for the Bacon Cat level of internet fame.

    I can see him on a motivational poster, but I’m too lazy to make it: “SELF ESTEEM; Yes, thank you I know, but in actual fact he looks like me.”

  9. “Ooh. I hope that guy is ready for the Bacon Cat level of internet fame.”

    Imagine how famous he would become if John actually taped bacon to him…the Bacon Taped, Wheaton lookalike…awesome.

  10. no no no, the moustache is all wrong, the upper half of the face is somewhat close though

  11. How do you know it wasn’t WW, and that he was stalking you in his self-appointed role as your honourary unpaid food-taster and all-round stalker ?

    (you should have checked the hand-luggage compartment above your plane seat – he got some good photos of you sleeping……)

  12. On the one hand, the dude is about to seriously get bugged by internet geeks. On the other hand, he’s about to make some sweet tips.

  13. So what you’re saying is that next time WW is in Austin he needs to get a picture taken with this guy :-)

  14. weird—I just finished Wil Wheaton’s book, “Just a Geek” a few minutes ago…. This cannot be a coincidence, can it? I hope that the doppelganger is pleased.

  15. Damn. Gotta talk to security at the clone farm. We got another hole in the fence it looks like.

  16. Actually, I think Wil Wheaton looks like my very handsome cousin Bob Zalinski. I’ll have to ask Bob if anyone has mentioned it…

  17. Ummmmmm THIS IS weird! That is ME in that PHOTO!!!! You did not tell me you were going to post that photo on your wed site! And now People are talking about me. Who are you? Ha ha You should have asked. Anyway, well I saw a photo of Wil and I guess your right he does look a little like me. I’m Benjamin BTW not that dude that works at parkside.

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