Daily Archives: April 18, 2011

Let Claritin Season Commence!

And here’s Daisy, initiating the annual “cut-grass-and-pollen dance,” signaling the joyous time of year when I ingest allergy medicine or suffer sinus pressure roughly equivalent to the pressures found at imminently exploding supervolcanoes. It’s a special time of year, it is.

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Another Starred Review for Fuzzy Nation

w00t! Kirkus Reviews is the one handing out the star this time, and says this about the novel: An acclaimed modern sci-fi writer adds depth and unexpected poignancy to a “reboot” of H. Beam Piper’s classic 1962 novel Little Fuzzy… In a genre flooded with bloated epics, it’s a real pleasure to read a story like […]

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Adding Phoenix to My Book Tour

Hey! Are you or is someone you love, close to the Phoenix, Arizona metropolitan area? Then you’ll have a chance to see me there this May, because I will be there for two — count them, two! — events. 1. I will be a guest at the Phoenix Comicon, where I will be doing panels […]

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